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JP Morgan

Reported 3.3 BILLION in profits for the first quarter. I don't know what it is but something is way out of wack in this country.
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Our politicians should be forced to take le3ssons fronm theste folks, so they woun't constantly be putting this country into deeper and deeper deficits.
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On the other hand, where did the profits go; that's more important than how much they made. I'll hazard a guess it went largely to stockholders, many of whom are not millionaires.
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Why is a company turning a profit a sign something is wrong? That's what they're supposed to do.
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It's not the fact that a company makes a profit but the size of the profit. Everyone knows that big oil just like any other business needs to make a profit to succeed. IMO it's the size of the profit that needs scrutiny. Whenever you have high volume you should be able to lower the price, still make a good profit but help common folk a little in the process.

The government couldn't have all the social programs if it was run just like any for profit business but they still could implement a lot of business strategies to save us [the tax payers] some money.
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The job of a business is to make a profit. We as consumers are charged with keeping the size of it in check - if this profit is too large, what should we do instead? Is there a competitor from whom we can buy? Can we do without the product or service? Large profit is the sign of a well run business and they are not required to give anyone a break.

It always makes me curious to know - what would a 'reasonable' profit be?
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I checked my investments and my JPMorgan got me $20 of that $3.3B. Doin' pretty good, huh?? Let's see, at that rate I could retire by the time I am 235 years old.
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At first thought, I think most people would think billions is way too much. But upon further thought, exactly what becomes of that profit money? If it were squirreled under a mattress or sent overseas, then I'd agree with Mark. But the money likely gets in many peoples hands, and gets invested and spent, and keeps the cogwheels spinning. So I take the side of Mitch on this one.

Chandler can help keep fast food chains afloat with his cut of the profits.

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