Money and lack of sense


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Money and lack of sense

I was on a job site recently of a new home being constructed on the water. Cedar shingles and copper gutters are being installed $$$$$. The owner came to do a walk through. She parked her new BMW SUV right next to a dumpster that was being heavily used by all sorts of debris. Just goes to show that having a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean having a lot of sense.
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I used to have a friend that has a garage door company. He had a service call on a new house I had just painted. The homeowners were in dire straights. The lady [school teacher] couldn't go to work because the garage doors wouldn't open. The husband [a CEO] was able to go to work because he forgot to park his vehicle in the garage.

The reason the garage door openers wouldn't work is because the electrician was running behind and installed the switch plate covers AFTER the doors and openers were installed and forgot to plug the openers back in!! He also explained to the HOs that the red cord hanging from the track would bypass the opener if the power was off or if they didn't work for some other reason. They responded with "we thought if we pulled on that rope the track would fall off the ceiling
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Sounds like the one where the HO complained about the new light fixtures installed were too dim and wanted them taken down. The contractor asked did you try the dimmer? The dimmer had been left in a dimmed condition. Contractor raises dimming level and HO is now escatic at how good the lights look.
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Had a tenant move out and as they left I asked them how the place had been. They said it was great but too cold. Furance did not work. I had told the guy (a caretaker at a school) that he would need to occasionally clean the electronic furnace filters. I usually checked them but this guy was a caretaker.
I went downstairs, wiped the filters. The lady almost fainted when hot air gushed from the registers. A winter of freezing their butts off. Then she asked if they could stay. Too late by then.
I supply a lawnmower at that duplex. Each side has told me the mower quits (its a newer honda) for no reason. Works fine for me though. Finally figured out they were using it as a mulcher with no bag. Clogged up and overheated.
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You can't legislate stupid. Oooh they're tryin', though.

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