aggrivations of no you can't


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aggrivations of no you can't

okay so yes this is bit of a rant because i am generally ticked off at the moment for some basic info i am 22 and a truck driver and i have held quite a few different jobs over the years i am skilled in construction concrete and masonry work yet i am constantly running into the oversized wall of being told your not a college educated professional you can't do something.

I have always been interested in building my own home... i know that is a bit more than a do it yourself project right though i disagree all a house is a bunch of small projects that finish out into something bigger and better. my quest today took me around looking at information about building an a-frame house and being told that its not something you should attempt yourself leave it to professionals. i am skilled enough to know that i can lay the foundation build the frame and throw the roof on and finish the inside and all the little things inbetween i want to know though if there is anyone out there i can talk to who has attempted this kind of project before and can tell me the issues and troubles they had or if someone can leave me some links to places that actualy might be able to help me.

Before critizing me on this quest of saying this isnt a diy project remember that redoing the plumbing in your house is a diy project rewiring a room is a diy laying a foundation for a shed patio or another room is a diy project that framing up a shed or another room is a diy project that replacing part or a whole roof is a diy project get my point a house is nothing but a big diy project on a slightly different scale i have had my head bitten off before for asking these kinds of questions and a wise man pointed it out to me that it all honesty a house is just that a lot of little diy projects

forgive my rants and aggrivations and thanks for reading through a youthful minds lack of life experience and any advice would be thoroughly listened to unless its along the lines of what i am thinking of attempting can't be done except by a professional
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Well...I'll jump in....
I agree..there's absolutely no reason why you couldn't do exactly what you have outlined. Many people have been their own GCs and done much of the work themselves. As long as they have the time and money's doable.

One issue may be that your local building department may require certain things that you are just not able to provide. Are you a draftsman who can draw up all the required plans with all the required info? Not just framing...but electrical, plumbing, foundation, etc. Can you provide certification on all the componants as required? And right or wrong...after 3 or 4 visits and constantly pointing out required changes...inspectors will not be putting you high on there list for the next visit.

Theres also the problem of many reputable contractors not wanting to work with a non-GC. There are issues of insurance, payment, materials, etc etc.

As to the "a house is just that a lot of little diy projects"...thats true to some extent....but pouring a concrete patio, replacing a door, or fixing some plumbing is a far cry from planning and executing an entire project of the much larger scope you describe.

I'm not trying to disuade you at all...but you need to be very secure in many ways to attempt this. Framing and plywood (for instance) cannot be exposed to weather for weeks while you are at work.

Good Luck! Oh...and welcome to the Forums!
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Ahhah! finally intelligence speaks you out line good points thats one of the reasons why i have wanted to talk to people who have experience or knowledge in this that can give me things i will have to face without just going your attempting to much. you make some valid points and i have every intention to not just leap head first which is why i am have been so endeavered to find this information out

I can do the drafting myself for all levels on foundation, floor plans, electrial, plumbing, side and front elevations and the such and the house will be no great monumental task small and simple i don't care for lofty spaces and luxurys not to mention i injoy home imrpovement tasks and things can always be added

And indeed i have thought about the troubles of money and hitting a stall in progres and my current job keeping me away for to long a period at a time and thanks for pointing that out because it is a major issue to go over

Currently my plans fall along the lines of tackling the exact design i want while i work out the issues with money and time but i intend to start the project when i am sure of my plan and have a solid plan b a good plan never goes as planned i have learned but i am also eager to learn about this idea while i am still in the planning stage which is why i am asking for advice on people who have tackled the larger and more scruptlous tasks required in home building i learned jumping head first into things generally isnt a good idea and generally try to keep a level head and get anger out quickly and safely when it builds due to its tendency to rash desicions.

An idea for every one on what i am attempting is an A-frame styled house and a realitively simple due to the ease of expanding these style houses as i have had the luxury of doing twice in my life i figure its a good style for me given my current lifestyle plus the option to expand later on but to break it down the foundation which will be 32x52 ft is a not quite such a small undertaking over 1500 sq foot of surface area is a good amount of concrete along with the footings and i intend to use forms for side walls that i will use to hold the mountings for the a style roof
that are around 4-5 foot tall to kill off some of the triangular dead space and would frame over this foundation and walling on the inside of the house and weather cover the outside along with the plumbing which will be preplanned into the foundation then its the massive roof the next largest undertaking of the house which will also be the one i am most worried with and intend to have help with but the roof and framing and setting up the walls on either end are my biggest concerns due to once those are settled and takin care of the enterior of the house is all thats left thats just the first dozen or so series of projects for this and ideas on how to make this easier and simpler while not sacraficing integrity and having it done right the first time around not having to worry about the inspecters constantly going "no no no no no all wrong start over." note i know there are some details i left out in the first serious of projects but listing all the little things just takes up more space and more time to read i have them all written down though if people are interesting and thanks for any advice you can give me
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Building a house on your own is a big deal. It sounds like you are planning on doing all of the work yourself. If that's so, I think you are taking a mighty big bite.

If you are planning on having an architect draw up the plans and acting as a GC while doing some work yourself it's certainly doable but still a big bite.

How familiar are you with building codes for the various trades involved? Residential plumbing and electrical is not especially complex but it does take more than just basic skills. Most people can pound a nail, but the key is knowing which kind of nails and how many nails for which job. Much of the work will require skills that guys have learned from years in their trade.

And then there is the money thing. Unless you have your own money, I doubt if a bank would be willing to write a construction loan for a DIY house.
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Another big thing to consider is financing. A bank is usually more willing to loan money for a house built by a pro than by a diyer. To secure a loan to build the house yourself you will need to provide the lender with a plan not just a floor plan, but a list of materials, estimated costs and time of completion. Most construction loans are only good for 1 yr [or that's how it used to be] You usually can't get a mortgage until the house has been completed and the gov't has issued a certificate of occupancy.

You can save a lot of money doing most of the work yourself and IMO, the bragging rites are priceless just be sure you get all your ducks lined up before starting a project of this size.

I also agree with everything Vic said

I agree with Wayne also - he just types faster than me

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