Happy Labor Day!!!


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Happy Labor Day!!!

Just threw a steak into a bag with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Stuck it in the firdge for a few hours until I put it on the grill. Hope others are having good cookouts today too!!!
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I gotta mow my lawn but that's not gonna happen. It's my day off.
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I mowed and reseeded my lawn, planted some mums and took the ribs out of the fridge where they had been sucking up a dry rub since early this morning. They been on the grill for 3 hours and it's almost time to take off the foil, lube 'em up and finish them off. The corn is shucked, the taters are roasting and the beans are bubbling on the grill.

Sweet Baby Ray's slathered on the best tasting ribs north of the Mason Dixon line. It doesn't get any better.

How do you tell when ribs are done? Grab a bone and lift the rack off the grill. if the rack lifts up they aren't done. If the bone slips out and the rack doesn't move then it's time to eat.
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Wayne - what time did you say we are eating?
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Sounds great Wayne....but I have to disagree on one point (man...rib styles are like synthetic vs mineral oils!).

I think if you lift up and kinda fold over an end bone and the rack starts to easily split in the middle...thats just right for my tastes. By the time they are plated and you sit down...just perfect (again...for my tastes). I want to bite the meat off and have it peel away from the bone.

Not that I'd turn yours down!!!!! Man...I love ribs!

Why are the best tasting foods probably the worst for you? I could live on ribs, bacon, and ribeye steaks, potatoes, roasted corn with butter and pepper, mac and cheese and sourdough bread! Yeah..prob some asparagus, green beans, and peas also.
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Anythhing good in life is either immmoral, illegal, or fattening. My steak was okay, couldn't afford porterhouse this week. the sliced, fried potato in olive oil was pretty good. Made a couple potato chips that way.

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