Another industry getes a media boost.


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Another industry getes a media boost.

Add pest control to the long line of "Oh my God, we're all gonna' die" media hype. Yesterday's asbestos, mercury, lead, CCA, formaldehyde, etc. has been replaced by - BEDBUGS!!!
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Yep..saw a few stories a while back and then it seemed like everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Had less trouble with other "critters" back in my Navy days.
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Sort of like when the "Caulking" and energy savings stimulus hit the fan......I think they spent $11 million and successfully caulked and insulated about a thousand homes. Where did all that money go? I even went out and bought a new caulk gun to get ready for my stimulus Sad to say, it never happened. Another $9 investment down the drain.
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$9 for a caulking gun? last one I bought was almost double that....... but I hate to caulk with an inferior gun

IMO the media likes to run with those types of stories rather than focus on the 'great' job our elected officals are doing in D.C.
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Now that I can't see up close as good anymore, and I need to get closer to my work, I hate it when that long rod sticks out the back of the caulk gun, when you have a full cartridge. It like gets in my face. Surprised someone hasn't come up with a better design say where that rod can fold back out of the way.
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bed bugs

I heard a lot of stories about the resurgence of bedbugs in new york. They've even had some public information meetings with academic bedbug "experts"

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