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In almost every instance we have to ask the OP where they are located. This is critical with our answers. I find that clicking on their profile, there it is. They have filled out their location, but it is not indicated on the thread.
Is there some tweaking that can be done without reinventing the wheel, to allow the information we have in the profile to be posted on the thread header. Most of the time only "US" is shown, rather than the state. We can figure out if it is "US" or not if they list "Montana" as a location. Now if it will shut down the internet for two or three days, please leave it be. We have enough of that already.
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Gunguy45 made a reference the other day to how it would be helpful for poster’s to show their location. This caused me to glance at mine. Prior to the forum changes, mine showed S. FL but now shows USA. Got me wondering how it got changed, and why others show a more specific location.

Clicking on some profiles:
Chandler: Country-Young Harris, Georgia USA (post shows Location as: Young Harris, Georgia USA)
Gunguy45: Country-Northern AZ (post shows Location as: Northern AZ)
CasualJoe: Country-Missouri (post shows Location as: Missouri)
Rob R.: Country-USA (post shows Location as: USA)
04zman: Country-USA (post shows Location as: USA)

So I thought an easy fix would be to substitute S. FL for USA. Going to ‘My Settings’ & ‘Edit Profile’, I find no setting for ‘Location’. The first one shown is ‘State of Residency’. This made me search the Members List in trying to figure out what is causing the problem.

Generally, although I’ve found one exception for a poster joining in Jan. 2010, those posters joining prior to 2010, show they completed their profiles by substituting their city or state in the line item for Country. That makes me think there is some kind of software glitch that occurred during the conversion process that may be related to when the person joined the forum. Maybe somewhere along the line someone posted a thread to tell everyone to disregard the question being asked for Country, and fill in that line w/ city/state info . . . seems like a real stretch that all of these people followed those instructions. If a poster moved from USA to Canada, I don’t think they could reflect that change.

Even though moderators and others are suggesting that posters showing USA change to a more specific location, I think these folks are finding that there is not an obvious way to do that based on what they’re seeing at ‘Edit Profile’. Perhaps the brains implementing the conversion can troubleshoot the problem and take corrective action.
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I see what you are talking about, Rob. There is no modification available for "country", and that is what is posted in the threads. I noted, too, that is has become more prevalent for newer posters. The older ones are correct.
Oh no.....this means something is broken and needs fixing. Grab hold......we're turning the airport around!!
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We had this problem before. I'll report it to the techs on Monday.

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