i am scared and Pissed !!!!!!


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i am scared and Pissed !!!!!!

many of us here in cRook co il got our bills yesterday.

my mom. she had a senior exemption from my grandma, that died about 2 years ago.
$1200 a year. yesterday, she got a over $5000 for 6 months bill !!!!!!
the house itself is worth ****. the land used to be worth $200000+. these days, maybe $50000, if it could even be sold = not many 1/2 mil houses being built these days.

my mom has a part time BB job, and a small SS check from my dad after he died.
all this together is just over the almost $1000 month tax bill.
needless to say, my mom is sick over this. and so am i. this woman just can't get a break.

there is no doubt that the gov is trying to force her out.

there is just 1 bad thing about seeing a co assessor getting hit by a truck = i wouldn't be driving that truck.

"cRook" co is putting it mildly.

does anyone have any advice on how to try to get the bill lowered to where is should be. which is about a little less than half that amount.

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$10K a year is a horrible tax nut. What is your mil rate? In my town an assessment can be contested but it's mostly people contesting value after they have renovated or upgraded. I don't know if a depressed housing market would be grounds for a re evaluation here.

Get an independent appraisal. Talk to your local tax office and find out if you have any options with them, consult an attorney to find out what the laws are, contact your local political representative and enlist their help. Don't forget the media.
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Here you can protest your taxes and even appeal that finding. I use a company that protests for you. What you pay them is based on how much they get the tax reduced. A couple of years I paid them nothing. This year they got the value of my property reduced 10,000 dollars and I was quite happy to pay them. Some say I am stupid because I could do it myself for free but I'm not so sure my luck would be as good as a trained litigator who knows all the ins and outs and is probably on a first name bases with the judge.
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thanx guys

i am going to have her go talk to her congressman. this has worked wonders in other areas, believe it or not.
and have her file an appeal.

appeals can be filed here. but the liberals here just love to suck money out of people to put in their own pockets.
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Squeeky wheel gets the grease! Seldom does it fail. Sometimes you just need to be persistent. Personally, being polite always works for me until I need to get all indignant. Went political a few times and it works if you are in the right.

My MIL had died and we were trying to sell her cottage which had a lease with Govt. They said we could not sell as they wanted the land and it was non-transferable. This went on for 3 years, then finally they said, "OK you can sell it to us". By then prices had dropped $25k. I went to my political rep and they actually offered to buy the property at the old price.
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Reminds me of a car I had. I sold it for parts for $75 because there was more wrong with it that I could afford to fix. The property tax assessment value was for $2100. The look on the tax collector's price when I told her how much I sold the car for was priceless.
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Up until my last evaluation adjustment I said and meant it if the county will give me 90% of what they say it is worth I'll move out tomorrow and they can have it. Heck, all I need is a one room shack.

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