Having a bad day


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Having a bad day

I started off by dropping the coffee pot. Coffee all over and the pot smashed to bits.

Worked on framing in some headers where I cut a joist to clear a new toilet drain. I decided to use a left over piece of 2X10 instead of cutting a couple of feet off a new board. Too much of a hurry or too lazy I trimmed the board on my table saw with my expensive, only for woodworking projects, blade. Of course there was a hidden nail in the board. My blade is scrap.

Nailing in a couple of joist hangers I hit a water supply pipe on my backswing. No damage that I could see, but 10' away a joint started dripping about an hour later. It started at a drip every 15 minutes or so but a couple of hours later it was a steady drip, drip, drip. Time to fix it. I tried resweating the joint. No joy. No surprise either. So I cut it out.

I cut out the joint only to find out that I didn't have a slip coupling. I popped a Sharkbite cap on the end of the pipe and headed off to the hardware store. The in laws showed up. We have no toilets, I have the water shut off.

When I got back I turned the water on for the rest of the house and the Sharkbite stop blew off. Water all over the basement. My fault I'm sure. in my haste I most likely didn't seat it correctly. Wife is giving me that look.

In law is now offering plumbing advice. The only tool he knows how to use is a checkbook. I'm pissed. I started to solder in the new joint and ran out of MAPP. The sharkbite is back on and I'm done for the day.

I answered a couple of posts a bit harshly. My tolerence level is pegged negative right now. However, I just poured my third glass of Zin so I should mellow before long.

I'll probably fall out of my 800#, dust mite laden, bedbug infested bed tonight and break my friggen' nose.
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See what you get for working on a Saturday? ***dodges flying bottle of Zin***
Bummer of a day dude. Take tomorrow off. You deserve it!
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Been there, done that

The good thing about waking up in the morning is 'it's a brand new day' Hope today goes better for you

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