Why do they use circuit control boards in everything today?


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Why do they use circuit control boards in everything today?

This thread was inspired by appliance moderator's response on a washing machine minutes ago. He said that the controlboard may have to be replaced.

Furnaces, washers, dishwashers, fridges, cars, etc. used to run fine without them. Now these things have become something to complicate diagnosis, and even cause the possibility of a false-diagnosis.

Often electrical items like this are not returnable, either.

Is there a real rational reason for them? - or can we get into conspiracy theories here, regarding them?

And it used to be with some of them, some componenets that were reasonably priced, and were not on the board, and could be replaced as a separate unit, no longer can be, if they are on the board.

And some installers are charging people fortunes to change out these boards.
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Because they are cheap. It always about money and the manufactures bottom line.
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And because your hearing aid would weigh 3 lbs if it were hardwired.
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Probably two main reasons for circuits boards in everything. First, the emphasis on energy conservation requires more precise control of the equipment's operation. The computer circuit boards have the capability to monitor critical functions such as on condensing furnace operation, that simply weren't required with older, simpler, less energy-efficient equipment.

Secondly, its cheaper to buy circuit boards made in Asia than it is to manufacture the old style mechanical timers, which had a lot of labor involved making those gears, motors, and microswitches.

Let's not forget the public's mindset that if it is microprocessor controlled, then somehow its the "cat's meow" and heads above "old fashioned" technology. You ever try to find a new dishwasher with the old mechanical timer? Even the cheapie models are computer controlled.

Its frustrating how the high cost of replacing those failure-prone circuit boards are greatly reducing the useful life of major appliances. I read on other forums how major kitchen appliances are lasting perhaps only five years before its more economical to replace them than repair them. That's pretty sad, considering the purchase price of major appliances hasn't dropped to reflect their decreased lifespan.

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