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Although a "spot" for introductions may indeed exist on this forum, I was unable to locate it. Therefore, you'll understand why I spend absolutely too much time looking for my pruning shears. Sure, "returning them to the same place every time" is fantastic "advice", the concept appears so "easy", and actually "following through" works like a charm! However, . . .

I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hello". I have approximately two years of actual construction experience and have worked with tools and have been "building things" for a good portion of my life. Much of my early experience was gained when I was a kid and I would nonchalantly disassemble something of my Dad's (such as the lawnmower) and then be under a "bit of pressure" to not only reassemble everything by 4:15 PM, but also have "it" in operational condition!

I look forward to participating in this forum as the topics are "wide ranging". Thanks!


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Welcome to the forums! This is as good a place for introduction as any. Dive in, listen first, talk second, act third. Best advice I've had. Many pros on the forum to help out with problems. Varied "methods" are discussed, and no one get's riled at each other. We work like a machine. So don't get your feathers ruffled if someone has a different method or idea than you. Teach what you know, and learn what you don't.


"Half of communications is listening, and you can't listen with your mouth"

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