reading glass's ?


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reading glass's ?

can they make your vision worse ?

my near sight is going bad. but i could still use the computer. a few days ago i started wearing readers. man, it was like i bought a bran new HD monitor.

just about 20 mins ago, i took them off. i could not see the screen well enough to use it. now, i can type just fine. though its nothing like with the readers on.

watcha think ?
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Ah yes. First the readers, then prescription lenses, and finally the dreaded bifocals. Just shows you are getting old enough to need stage one. I'm at stage three.

The readers wont harm your eyes, it just takes a while for them to adjust from one focal length to another.
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everyone in my family has inherited bad eyes. i have had glasses and contacts. i got lasik about 7 years ago. about the last 2-3 years my near sight has been going away. used to be able to read the morning paper no problem. now it is just a blur.
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I use reading glasses for blueprints or small print. I don't hesitate to use them when required. Can't imagine they make your eyes worse.
My eyes have not changed since my last checkup (I'm 55) but one thing that may have helped is that I use a 22inch monitor for my computer. I spend probably 2-3 hours a day on computer. Need it for work. My Blackberry uses 10 bold font. I don't like straining. I wonder if its the straining that makes your eyes worse.
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I have a mild astigmatism. A lens fell out of my eyeglasses and had no idea where it went. I still have the prescription sunglasses which I almost never wear due to the fact they are not dark enough for my eyes. At work, sunglasses are banned unless they are prescription. So I wear them for when I am outside for work on Sundays (the one day shift). I feel like I am 2 feet shorter when I wear them because I wear them for less than 10 minutes per week.
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My daughter advises not to wear your bifocals when at a computer, but to go to the store and buy compatible readers. She says you will constantly be kicking your head up to see the screen and it will make your neck tired with bifocals. She's been my Optometrist for over 10 years, so I guess she knows.
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I need glasses to see after talking to my eye doctor, I had a pair of glasses made using only the bifocal prescription. That allows me to keep my head somewhat level when on the computer It does mess me up some when I walk away from the pc and forget to change glasses.

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