Pond hockey


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Pond hockey

Tonight it is -9F now and will be -15 to -20F tomorrow morning. Down to to -30F tom-35F wind chill tomorrow morning, but the sun will be shining.

A "pond hockey" tournament is being held here over the weekend. About 25 rinks outdoors on a city lake with over 500 players (kids to seniors) and 25,000 fans from 15 countries. I think bigger facilities are available, but that may just be politics.

They expect the conditions for the ice and players will be much better than last year when the temperature got up to 40F.

In two months, the high school hockey teams play inside t0 20,000 fans per game, but some may illegally show up in the pond hockey games since it is not restrictive.

Winter is a "state of mind" if you think about it and are prepared. I even wore gloves driving today, but did not zip up my jacket. - That way, when you get inside, you get the heat faster.

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Watched Pond Hockey on TV last year. I like to think we're the tough weather nuts on the praries in Canada but no difference that I could see. Those guys are tough and most were really good players.

I've played outdoors lots and let me tell you, its cooooold. I just could not see playing in that tournament unless drinking was involved. Meanwhile.... think I may have sun-burned the back of my legs while putting down here in Phoenix today.
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If I were you I'd stay down south as long as possible.....

Overnight: Mostly clear, with a low around -42. Calm wind.

Friday: A 20 percent chance of snow showers after noon. Partly sunny and cold, with a high near -3. Wind chill values between -30 and -40. Calm wind.

There was a very funny movie about pond hockey and a NHL team that froze their rears off, can't think of the name.
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I love pond hockey. Its the ice sailors that I think are crazy. The speed must be exhilarating but it looks bloody cold lying in those open cokepits out on the open ice with nothing to stop the wind.
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I guess I live in a pretty good area after all. I like cold weather. Short sleeves down to freezing, no problem. But your cold is different, just too cold for comfort. How do you work in that weather? Of course Tow Guy will disagree, but his wx is just the opposite. Don't know how he stands 90 degrees in April.
I note when we have guests at our rental cabin from Florida, they turn the heat up to 72. The ones from more northerly climes (we call them yankees) leave it at 65.
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"How do you work in that weather?"

Easy, just wear long pants.

Weather dudes lied, only got down to -33
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Hey mjd2k...I forgot you were going to be down here. I was in Phoenix last weekend...wife ran the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon. Missed 2 nice days up here at home though.

Can't take cold that low myself, but to those who can...enjoy.

Oh...guy ran a 50K (31 miles) in 2:43 (new American record). Thats a pace of about 11 1/2 MPH. Now that's just crazy!
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They just started the first 25 outside hockey games at 8:00 AM and it -20F here and -27F about 4 miles away from here. In the cold, you can get big temperature variations in a small distance and it is always colder in the lower areas.

Apparently, the cold is good for the outdoor hockey. Now that they have some cold, they got a quite a few more teams coming in and there will be 1600 players. Very little drinking because many teams are kids and the 25 rinks are on a city lake in town and alcohol is not allowed in the parks.


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