How was your day?


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How was your day?

I got up yesterday (Sat) poured a hot cup of morning coffee and headed for the bathroom to take care of morning business. I noticed that the water in the bowl was low so I decided to adjust it. I dropped and shattered the tank cover when I was removing it.

Not too upset, I grabbed my coffee and headed to the computer to buy a new cover. My coffee was cold. I popped it into the OTR microwave and it would not heat the coffee, or anything else. Bummer. The tank cover can wait.

The wife had taken the day off from work to have a Spa day with some friends. On the way to the Spa she called and said her windshield was leaking - lots. This is a 6 week old Grand Cherokee and this is the 1st time we've driven in the rain. She came home and I looked inside. The radio, temp controls and console were soaked. Spa day cancelled, she is not happy. I took it to the dealer and he confirmed the bad seal but he can't fix it until next week. Thank God for duct tape. More bummed now.

Decided to go to HD to look at a new microwave. Took the wife's car. Bad mistake. I scratched a guy's nice new F150 pulling into a tight parking space. Minor scratch on his truck which will probably cost me 4 grand to fix. Some paint removal on the bumper of my wife's new car. Not only bummed now, but a little scared. Did I mention it was my wife's NEW car?

I got home, the wife was understanding (yeah!) and I decided to order the tank cover. Only $20 at Kohler with $7 shipping. Unfortunately, they're out of stock - for 48 days! Googled around, most places are also OOS. I finally found one that sold the cover for $16. They had 1 in stock. Too bad they wanted $20 S&H. I just can't bring myself to pay more in S&H than the product cost.

Twenty minutes ago I dropped my wife's cell phone into the fricken' toilet.
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Go back to bed...pull covers over head..hope tomorrow is a better day?
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Wife is dropping the kids off at grandpa's. Going to the local gin mill to have a few cold ones and shoot some pool. Its a good day..... Free buffet today too. Its a good day.

So if you see posts from me later in the day with all mis-spelled words and non-comprehendible information you will know why..... Wait, thats me all the time!!!!! LOL

Mike NJ
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And Wayne, yesterday was Friday, but who's counting. You probably missed an entire day. Could be good....could be bad.
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Yeah, the wife had the day off from work and I got confused. I've been thinking today was Sunday all day. One of the hazards of retired life when your week is 6 Saturdays and a Sunday.

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