how do I do this?


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how do I do this?

Got a challenge facing me. I THINK I know what to do, but sure would appreciate other comments:

I'm going to haul a king size mattress 450mi. To do this, I have a 6' trailer. May have to haul some other stuff, too. Basically, the mattress will be standing on edge. (Note: this is a wifely edict. I WILL haul that mattress. It's one we all love....)

My theory of how to do this is:

a. Wrap it several times in plastic (ground cover)

b. Sandwich it between two sheets of 1/2" plywood. (the sandwich will be on the outside of the mattress).

c. Tie it tightly as a package.

d. put cushions under it

Hopefully, this will be a waterproof way of standing it between other stuff.

Any other great thoughts on what might be a good thing here?
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Go buy a mattress bag at any moving company. Seal it up. Put it against the side of the trailer (if it fits). Use pads if needed to keep the ribs from rubbing through the bag. Accept the thanks of the people you hauled it for.
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Will your trailer have high sides, or short ones? Balance may be a problem if the "other stuff" isn't packed high and it is all strapped well.
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There'll be some other stuff of some height alongside the mattress. The trailer has no sides, I'll have to strap it down good. I think the whole thing will ties nicely together.
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Ratchet straps work very well. If you don't have any I suggest picking some up. Gunguy's suggestion is better but if you can't fine one I'd suggest getting some stretch wrap film like they use for shipping pallets. I have in fact wrapped an entire trailer full of cabinets (open sides) with that stuff and strapped it down. Didn't move any ware. (although not 450 miles)

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