100 Skills Every Man Should Know


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100 Skills Every Man Should Know

Sorry ladies the sexist title is Popular Mechanics' not mine. 100 Skills Every Man Should Know: 2008's Ultimate DIY List - Popular Mechanics
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That's OK Ray, they probably didn't include women because women already know how to do a lot of those things!
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Wow, there were a lot in there that I have no clue how to do or haven't yet had the requirement to do them.

Use a stick welder?
Check trouble codes? Haven't owned a car new enough to have trouble codes!
Change a diaper! Not doing that in this lifetime.
Make a drum tight bed? I don't even like drum tight beds. When I see one it makes me want to mess it up just a little bit.
Run rapids in a canoe and hang meat in the wild? Don't feel this is exactly necessary.

Wow, most of the others I am somewhat confident I could tackle them.

The others.... I'd be on doityourself.com using the old friend search button!
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Tie a necktie? Don't they just clip on?
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What's a necktie?

Awful lot of girlie stuff on a "Man" list.
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And Becky's right, of course; my wife knows how to do all 100. Here's a sample: "Honey, can you ________________ for me?"
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I have to agree with the first comment on that linked site, why?

I've been driving since 1973 and prior to retirement I averaged between 20 and 30 thousand miles a year. I have NEVER experienced a blowout and it is extremely doubtful I ever will. I don't know anyone who has had a blowout, either. At least not one that has been mentioned. I've never had a "trouble code" that needed diagnosing, I wouldn't attempt to change a serpentine drive belt without the proper tools (which I don't have), I haven't put any wax on a car in forty-some years, I don't drive "off-road" and I have no need to tow a trailer.

Regarding the Heimlich maneuver and CPR (older method) I can't count the number of times I have taken first aid courses. I suppose another refresher wouldn't hurt. Even though I live in an area with lots of lakes, bays and sounds (and also within 100 miles of the Pacific ocean) the chances of having to escape from a sinking car are remote. Further, I doubt that very many people (not just men) will ever get a chance to "practice" this escape so all a person can do is read about it and watch the Mythbuster's episodes, which I have done several times.

Under the Home category I've probably done most at least once with the exception of the diaper which I have NO desire to ever learn. Most of the others I learned before my teen years. The Medical Myths comes under the first aid classes and the Military is just BS. The Outdoors and Primitive are also areas where very few, other than those that venture into the woods away from the trails will ever need, I know I haven't needed most of them in sixty years of life. Nor have I personally encountered floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat or cold or been adversely affected by lightning. It is mostly on where a person lives that these skills are needed.

The Teach your Kids category is meaningless to me although with the exception of the stunt kite I have done all the others and taught other people to do many of them. Under the Technology section being able to "Take the perfect portrait" is ridiculous since being "perfect" at anything is an art. That is why we have people that are known as artists. Expecting a person who is not a professional portrait photographer to be able to "Take the perfect portrait" is just stupid. The Master Key Workshop Tools category is another BS category. I've USED all of those tools but "master" them? I'm also considered a pretty handy (i.e. knowledgeable) person by everyone that knows me and just today I received an E-mail asking me about a control design I made some ten years ago.

Then again, I've always thought of Popular Mechanics to be geared to a "macho" mentality.
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Maybe it's because I've been around a long time or maybe it's because I was brought up by guys that fixed stuff with something other than a credit card, but most of this stuff I can do.

#13 Sinking car - don't know, never been there.
#15 Never used a sewing machine
#22 Shovel the "right' way ?????
#46 Treat a snake bite - don't know but I've had some training (SERE)
#55 I would probably hurt myself on a dirt bike
#60- 64 ????
#80 Ditch a hard drive - I don't know what that means.

BTW - I had two blowouts, both on the same night. I-87 in upstate NY. The first was at 90 mph and scared the heck out of me. The second was at 60 mph and scared the heck out of me. Fortunately, both were rear tires.
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I went back and looked at the list again. It has the "answers", such as they are, on another link. The short answers are laughable, imagine learning how to "stick" weld by reading a single paragraph and looking at one picture. The comments after the instructions are often hilarious and often just too true.

Wayne, the "ditch a hard drive" refers to deleting information on the computer hard drive before getting rid of it. It is correct that merely formatting the drive is not going to cut it but fails to mention that just formatting WILL stymie about 90% of who might try to extract any info. My method is to just use a BIG hammer on the drive (they recommend several 1/2 inch holes be drilled into the drive) but they also recommend a (paid for) program to rewrite the disc with zeros. Can you imagine the time to rewrite an entire multi gigabyte drive? The magazine says that rewriting saves from having to landfill the drives. I suspect that a person could bury something like ten mega-gazillion hard drives on less than an acre of landfill.

I had an extra $4.38 when I went to the grocery store the other night so I bought the latest edition of Popular Mechanics. Okay,it was the headline on the cover that mentioned 700 horsepower electric cars that got me but so far I haven't seen any mention of the cars. To be fair I've only looked at about the first 15 or 20 pages but not even a real table of contents.
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Well, I've tried many of them but not always been succesful so does that count? Usually I'll try anything at least once.
- Had a couple front tire blowouts when I was young. Just don't touch the brake, no problem, like seriously, its easy.
- Steep dirt bike thing, not a good memory. Didn't get back on that horse and had to get my brothers bike fixed.
- Tried to change a graphics card. Didn't fix problem and cost me $90.00. they wouldn't take the card back. Bought a new computer.
-Formatted a few hard drives in my day. Now I'd pay someone. Don't have 49 hours it takes to reload all the drivers and software.
- Drive in snow? thats my life and don't want it anymore!
- Welding scares the crap out of me and the few times anyone let me try, I'd wreck anything I touched and we'd need to grind it apart.
- Check codes, NO... the machine costs big bucks at Canadian Tire and then I wouldn't know how to fix the problem anyway. My bro and dad were car geeks and they'd shame me into fixing my vehicles. Now I pay so I didn't have my car sitting for 2 weeks while I fix it. Paid a garage several times to grease my cargo trailer wheels. Watched him do it last time and found out there was a just grease nipple...duh
- Shovel the right way? Yah I pull twice on my snowblower. I'm the best dirt shoveler of all time cause I did it for 3 years.... or maybe its BS I'm good at shoveling?

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