Using Yellow Pages or On-line yellow pages


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Using Yellow Pages or On-line yellow pages

I am trying to find out if any one has any views about using Yellow Pages or on-line yellow pages either as an advertiser or a consumer. I am trying to start my own business and am thinking of using this as both a place to find services and a place to advertise. What ever your experiences I'd be happy to hear. Basically have you used it in the last year (yes/no) did it work for you? (yes/no)...thanks

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Much depends on the business. In my line of work - towing and roadside assistance - people who open the yellow pages fall into one of several groups:

1. They know your name and just need your number or they know you but can't quite remember the business name. Size of the ad makes no difference.
2. They are price-checking and start from A and go to Z to see who is cheapest. Size of the ad makes no difference.
3. They need a tow and price isn't foremost in their thinking. This group may be attracted by an eye-catching ad or at least something beyond the basic listing.

Over the years we have tried ads from a simple in-line bold listing to a 1/8 page (roughly business card-size) display ad. The more expensive ads did not cause a proportional increase in business. We now utilize a 1 1/2" in-line ad which is the cheapest rate for a display-type ad. The yellow pages people always try to tell you you need a bigger ad (they're on commission I suppose), but there's no way to quantify whether you would have gotten the call anyway since the size of the ad makes no difference to the folks in #'s 1 & 2 above. On-line advertising is, IMHO, useless as least in my line of work. Not too many people broken down on the side of the road are going to look you up on the internet. I know there are phone apps, etc, with that capability, but I don't see it as a major funnel for business to me.
Google calls me all the time to "improve" my listing by paying them money for a cut to the head of the line, but if I google myself I come up in the top three or four companies anyway and I've had people call me from there GPS info for which I pay nothing.
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Maybe I missed something but I don't see any electrical issues here. Is there a more appropriate forum?
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Maybe it is because it is general chats forum, don't know .
I have subscribed to yellow advertising and have NEVER had a call from someone looking for my line of work. So I dropped it. $75 is hard to come by for throwing away. Almost 100% of my business is word of mouth, and I'm happy with the referrals. No "blind" work with people who may or may not can afford your services, and you find out too late.
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Oops! I forgot to delete ArgMeMatey reply. This question was originally in Electrical A/C D/C and I moved it here.
My chuckle for the day, lol!
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Thanks for clearing that up; thought Arg was losing it.

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