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Can anyone please explain why it costs so much for a replacement ink cartridge for a printer? It does not make sense that a replacement printer with cartridges can be so close in price to just the ink alone. It also does not make sense from an environmental standpoint.
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Well...I can explain it...
Thats how they make money from consumer grade printers. btw...some of the ink carts that come with the printer are 1/2 the capacity of replacements.

I switched to no name inks and they worked fine. Last year I spent about $50 for about 15 carts for my Canon S820 that was still chugging along... month later the print head went bad (alignment issue, not the inks fault). Went and bought a Brother laser that was on sale. Also have the HP all-in-one that I bought just for the copier/fax capability.

Anyone need a bunch of BCI-6 cartridges?
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Yep, they have to make money somehow

I've never researched it but I've heard a general rule of thumb is the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the ink will be
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I used to buy some cheap printer, forgot the name. It cost $39. Cartridges cost $29. I would buy the printer, take it to the end of life, donate it to a local charity, get a tax write off, and buy a new printer. I've settled in on one of the Lexmark all in ones, and couldn't be happier. 5 year warranty, and they stand behind it very well.
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I go through over $400 a year in ink. I use an hp all in one. I remember recently seeing something about a printer company coming out with a printer that had cheap cartridges.I've been asking around about it but best buy and staples don't know what I"m talking about. I think it was a lexmark but they used to be the most expensive for ink?
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I remember an Apprentice episode that had Kodak(?) as the focus. That was the big deal, that the ink was going to be cheaper. Looking at pricing on Amazon, that doesn't really appear to be the fact.
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Another factor that adds to the cost of cartridges is that the ink jet print head is a part of the ink cartridge on some brands, including HP. That makes for a more costly cartridge, although you never have to replace the print heads separately, like you would with a printer that does not have them as a part of the ink cartridge.

Like Gunguy mentioned, the salesmen say the ink cartridges packed with new printers are only half full. I could never quite figure out this logic, since the majority of the cost of the ink cartridge is in the housing (and the print heads, for HP cartridges), so the few cents of ink they saved by only half filling the cartridges looks silly to me.

I think Kodak's claim to fame was to be their relatively inexpensive ink cartridges, but evidently their performance leaves something to be desired, as their popularity sure hasn't caught on. I don't recall seeing a Kodak printer advertised for quite some time.
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I've been using an H-P printer, scanner, copier for several years now. The printer was essentially free since the rebate was equal to the cost when I bought it as part of a package deal with a new computer. I just put a new set of cartridges in it yesterday and I think that is the first time in over a year.

Two things jump out at me, the first is that some people print out everything, read it once or twice and then toss it. The second is that if a person changes the cartridge when the printer/computer recommends you will have lost several tens, or hundreds of pages of printing capability. I use the "low on ink" pop-up to remind me to buy a new cartridge sometime in the next month or so. I often find that the low ink notification pops up months before it actually runs out of ink but I just don't print that much. Even when I buy over the Internet I don't print out the receipt but instead convert it to a text document and save it on the hard drive.
Saves lots of ink and paper that way.
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One other thing I noticed with some printers...
Even when it's set to greyscale or black and white printing from the application, sometimes they seem to print in color. Believe me I've tried every way to force it otherwise and for some printers, it just won't work.

Thats why I went with a laser for the Canon replacement.

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