You never know when it's gonna' get you.


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You never know when it's gonna' get you.

A sad story on the evening news tonight about a Yale student's death. She was reportedly a really smart kid, a physics major with a bright future.

She was working alone last night in the Yale chemistry lab's machine shop. Apparently her long hair got caught in a lathe and it pulled her into the spinning lathe. Specifics are real sketchy and the investigation has just started.

Hair, clothes, jewelry all potential azz biters when working around machinery. One of the things the investigation is focused on was her training and experience.
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Been there done that. I walked over to my tool box to get a tool and there was a spinning piece of tool steel sticking out of the lath tail stock. It caught my Tee shirt and ripped it off of me in a heart beat. I was lucky and it only bruised my arm pits. A lady I used to work with was not so lucky. She was told many times to tie up her long hair, and she chose not to, one day and it got caught up in a spinning machine and ripped her scalp off from the back of her neck to her forehead. She was lucky they stitched it back on and it grew back.

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