Insurance and vultures


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Insurance and vultures

Does it happen all over, or are we isolated? With the recent tornadoes that passed through Alabama and Georgia, over 100 lake homes were totally destroyed just east of here. Of course all the insurance companies are on site assessing damage. BUT trailing along with them are the vultures, lizards, etc. that promise the world, provide a living hell for the owners, and are gone. I will probably take a ride over there to see the damage, but will most likely wait a year to go back and fix all the stuff these guys mess up. I can't fiscally compete with them. Although insurance covers the damage, these guys cut each others' throats to get the jobs.
I should hope the insurance industry wakes up and only awards contracts to licensed, bonded, insured entities so the homeowner will be protected.
I venture to guess, however, since these are lake homes, there are many that are "weekend" homes and are terribly underinsured, meaning what the insurance company will pay, and what a good job will cost, the owner will have to ante up.
Just a rant, wondering what recent experiences any of you have had.
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I have no recent experience but of the few claims I have made on my homeowner's insurance over the years I only once had the insurance company recommend a contractor. Even then it was my choice as to whether or not to hire him.

Come to think about it, I've never even seen an adjuster, they've simply taken my word for the damage. The last was from a severe windstorm that hit the area, maybe three to five years ago. I had a tree fall over taking out a section of fence and then resting on the roof of the house. The adjuster just told me to get someone to remove the tree and then send him the bill. I ended up getting completely reimbursed for the tree removal from the house (but not for the tree that simply fell in the back yard) and enough for the fence section that it covered the deductible. I still haven't repaired the fence section.

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Is that tree even on your property? If so I thought the other homeowners pay.

As far as the tornado devastation, when thing like that happen there are not enough contrators to go around. Then there is the price gouging that occurs.

Ugg... You guys should see what its costs in "corrupt" NJ for insurance. Oh... I mean the honest state..., um the Garden State. You could live in a flood zone, and you cant even get flood insurance unless you grease some palms.

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Technically the tree is on my property since I "own" all the way to the county line which is about 15 feet beyond the fence. I say technically because there is a 30 foot "Native Growth Protection Area that straddles the county line.

Here's a pic from the other side of the fence. The property/county line is just beyond the right-hand edge. You can see that while I "own" the land it isn't usable.

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We're fortunate that we don't normally have to put up with the natural disasters that occur in other areas of the country. Other than some snow and the occasional tail end of a hurricane we have a pretty mellow relationship with Ma Nature.

That said, we stll have the vultures. Most come in the form of contractors named Jose that are perfectly legal. Licensed, insured and all that. The vulture part is that their crews are "undocumented"
(that's the PC term here in the PC Northeast) and most of them work for peanuts. The honest contractors using legal labor can't compete.

The next time you hear someone saying that illegals only take the jobs that citizens won't take, tell them they are full of .........

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