Flooding the Delta


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Flooding the Delta

We were having prayer requests at Sunday School yesterday, and naturally someone mentioned the people being devastated by the flooding of Big Muddy. One of our attorneys gave us some insight that I had never heard, and I thought it interesting.
He states the people in this area, when they purchased the land, were paid a lump sum by the Government because it was in a natural flood plain. This money was for relocation. They get a letter every year to the effect that the Mississippi can overflow and they would be in danger.
NOW, based on that (if it is true) what is the government's role after these homes are washed away or destroyed beyond habitation?
Anyone have any facts or thoughts on this?? Terrible situation.

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Terrible situation is right and might just get worse. Just reading today that the Missouri is full with no place to put it. So, they're going to be opening the dams, just more water for the Mississippi. Poor people down there might be under water till Christmas.

The snowpack above Garrison Dam reached 136 percent of normal peak, but is slow to melt, with 132 percent of the normal peak accumulation remaining and actually gaining snow in some of the higher elevations
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The high water is expected to begin hitting Minot by about Thursday, with the river jumping more than seven feet by Saturday. The historical record of 1,558 feet set in 1881 is forecast to be topped on Friday or Saturday. River flows are expected to hit 17,000 cubic feet per second, when the dikes are built to handle only about 11,000 cfs.

"This will be much, much higher than we've ever seen before in history," Gov. Jack Dalrymple said during a visit to Minot on Monday.

WOW. And Texas is blowing away with the wind.
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Let's see, too much water in some places with too little in others, coupled with a lack of jobs across America. Toss in all of the infrastructure that needs repairing and it seems like we could put every man, woman, and child to work across America (jobs that have to stay here).

As for repairing or rebuilding, these homes in flood zones, hurricane areas, and others that get wiped out every few years they need to be redesigned or relocated. I have heard similar descriptions as above and unfortunately, I don't think everyone else should have to pay for these homes. Of course I didn't think we were responsible for the sub-prime failings either. I will concede that this flood is a bit more than the 2 or 3 year versions.


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