What has happened to Bluejays (Birds)?


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What has happened to Bluejays (Birds)?

I live in NW Alabama and I haven't seen a Bluejay in about four years. My wife is a bird lover and has about four feeders that she keeps filled with a variety of seeds. She has a LARGE variety of birds, many of which are migaritory. Has some type bird virus wiped Bluejays out.
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Come visit me in NC. Our yard is full of them. In fact this spring has been a very good year for birds except humming birds. They arrived on schedule but about 1/3 fewer in number. Hopefully it will be a good summer for them to rebuild their numbers.

Our cat took out a blue jay nest last night that unfortunately was not in a good location. After I chased her (the cat) away I found two eggs but I assume there was at least a few more.
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Yeah NJ is full of birds this year.

Bluejays, Cardinals, Robins, Sparrows, and of course the Giant black crows. These are the common flocks you see all the time. There are others but I have no idea what they are.

Of course I am by the ocean so seagulls are common, doves, and of course the other white meat "pigeon" (squab) Ummm!!!!

Mike NJ
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I see a few in my back yard, but not tons of them.
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In the winter when I put out seed we often have a dozen or more bluejays in the yard. We don't see as many in the summer, but they're around.

Earlier in the year I posted about a seeming lack of birds in my area of CT. I was wrong. All it took was birdseed and we were mobbed.

Check with your local Audubon Society.

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