Telmarketer cell phone calls


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Exclamation Telmarketer cell phone calls

I knew it would happen--I got THREE SCAM creit card calls to my cell phone today
I have had it registered with the DNC ever since I have owned it and registration is up to date.
I get these type call nearly every day on my land line but today is the first time on the cell
I called my phone provider with a complaint and they said there was nothing they could do I got the same answer with my land line provider
Just a shame that they say there is no way to stop these calls, but it is apparent that these SCAMMERS are paying for a 800 service, and of course that's a profit for the phone companies
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Giles, you hit the nail on the head. Why cut off your profit even if you know the line will be used for illegal telemarketing calls? The DNC is a joke at best. Probably staffed by 2 old ladies who are asleep most of the time. I even report the calls to the DNC almost daily. Funny thing is, there is a fine for each call they make illegally like that. IF they were to ever be fined, who gets the money? The people who were offended by the calls? In your dreams.
Sometimes I call the number back to see who it is, or to tell them to take me off their calling list. THEN they have to cease calling you. A repeat call would be intentional rather than robo.
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I'll second that. I cuss and swear at the politicians in the same breath I cuss and swear at the telemarketers. The DNC law was a farce from the get-go as soon as they exempted themselves (DUH!) and charities. Excuse me, but if I don't want to be called by people there should be NO exemptions to that fact.

Okay, enough venting. I don't get calls direct to my cell phone, but I do have two landline #'s that I forward to my cell during the day when I'm in the wrecker. Two things I've done; one is to go on my provider's website (Verizon Wireless) and input the worst 5 numbers into their call block system. The absolute worst for me were the robo-dialers for the internet search engine optimization jerks. One in particular I got at least once a day, every day. Since blocking, they're history. Number two tactic is that every time I get an incoming call that I identify as a telescammer, I immediately add it to my contact list under the name "Solicitor". That way the next incoming call from that number displays "Solicitor" and I simply ignore, or rather what I generally do is flip open the phone to connect and then immediately disconnect. This avoids the problem of a recorded message going into my voice mail.
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the only way this will stop. is when it gets so bad that people start calling their senators/congressmen en-mass.
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Senators and congressmen are just trying to hold onto their cush jobs and perks until after the 2012 elections. They are in hiding, keeping quiet (except for Weener), and really couldn't care less about what their constituents think. Set up a law and exempt yourself??? Set up Social Security and exempt yourself??
We flushed the toilet a year ago, and it went part of the way down. We need to plunge and flush it again. I don't care if you think your senator or congressman is God's gift, send them a message, or better yet, send their replacements a message.
I write my senators and congressman almost weekly about something. I usually get a "form" response about some wonderful thing they have accomplished, having nothing to do with the matter I wrote to them about. And never a direct response. It is always picked from a computer generated "answer" sheet some secretary picks out that may or may not closely match my subject matter.
OK, OK, I'm through.
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It's all about money Years ago, I was receiving harassing hangup calls, all hours of night and day.
I called the phone company and was informed that (at that time) they would activate equipment for my line. They sent me a form to document time and description of calls. They said to contact them when I received TEN CALLS.
The next day, I reported the calls, they said they were all from the same number and they would address the situation.
They did and the calls stopped.
Fast forward a few years to the introduction of caller ID and I thought "that will take care of many problems" It only helped a little, because they can block their number, you can purchase service that disallows this or identifies the call---and the fees continue.
Just another way for the phone company to make MONEY
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I occasionally get a wrong number on my cell phone but the only "advertising" calls are from Verizon and they are always text messages.

As for land lines...I technically don't have one, I use a "pay as you go" VoIP for most of my outgoing calls. It doesn't have a number that can be called from outside of their system.

I DID get some solicitation calls on my cell phone about ten years ago. I had stupidly given my number when signing up for AOL service (just long enough so I could download the free ISP data) and after cancelling AOL called me twice. The second call I told them to never call me again and they never have.

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