Canada Day


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Canada Day

Is is Canuck day again???? Seems like it was just last year? Have a good holiday guys, and no cheating by using our 4th of July as an excuse :NO NO NO: for fireworks.
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Yep, it's our big day Chandler! Canada is always proud to celebrate our beautiful land full of wonderful people. From coast to coast, here's to hoping we all get sunshine, bbq and beers!

And yes, despite my dogs objections the neighbours will be launching massive volleys of fireworks into the air tonight. Personally I can't stand fireworks, specifically because it drives the dogs into a fear based frenzy.
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I've never known any animals that were afraid of fireworks. Any of the cats that have lived with me over the years just sleep through the noise and my brother had a dog that would chase firecrackers and such.
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Depends on their nature...had 2 cats that would run and just slept. Lots of neighborhood dogs start barking like crazy when they light 'em off at the fairgrounds 8 blocks away.

Can't imagine the people that board their horses there leave them at the stalls that night.
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My female German Shepherd/Husky cross came from a rescue with an absolutely brutal history. We've sedated her with pharmaceutical grade Adivan during fireworks. It does absolutely nothing to help, so we don't bother anymore.

At the first bang she begins shaking like a leaf. You'd think she's going into convulsions. She buried herself behind my tv amongst all the stereo cords. We got her out of there. She squeezes in behind the toilet somehow. Had to help her out of there. She squeezed behind the fireplace somehow (it wasn't burning obviously). Had to pry her out from that one.

Basically, she loses her mind. You can't console her. We've found nothing that helps. All we can do is just manage and try to keep her from hurting herself.

Anyhoo, this is a Canada day thread. Sorry for hijacking and turning it into a dog thread.

Happy Canada day everybody!
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If it is Canada Day, make sure you have the Molson. My Canadian friends in MI and MN had to search pretty hard to get sometimes.

Happy Canada Day!

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