Building Humidity Shed Consoltation needed


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Building Humidity Shed Consoltation needed

Hello, I am a farmer who is going into mushroom production with an associate. We are building a humidity tent and to save money on insolation I am going to order Mold resilient insulation and try and organize the Moisture Barriers to keep it dry. It will be an weatherable exoskeleton with a greenhouse on the inside.

I am able to do a lot of things myself but designing and constucting a seemless building is not my most prolific skill sets. Here are some blueprints for my ideas, hope you all can give me some criticism. any feedback helps

Growing Facility:
$750:Steel Panels, 12' Panel + top roof flashing
$160 Plastic Weather Barrier (2) 150sqr' Black Plastic Rolls
$370:Wood, Free? otherwise $1.60 a foot of Cedar $160 for 5long $160 for sides $50 random&door
$70: for 60' 4x4 treated wood foundation
$96: $1.60 cedar slivers, air gap wood, need 5,12' boards
$108: $99+$9extra:$9 for 24 feet Roll, 22,12' long panels 8,8-10' panels
$36: RoofingScrews $9 for 100 = 4 = $36
$300: Cement, need 2.5 pallets $120pallets = $300
$100 Hard Foam Insulation below cement (might be less)
$50: rebar foundation + Mesh wire fencing on OMPC, (might not be needed)
$50 1year greenhouse plastic
$70: PVC interior frame 20' Piping $55, $15 for elbow fittings
$12: greenhouse Tape
Taxes (.08%)
Utilities to produce, Gas Costs, and 3rd party deliveries if needed. Daily Lunches.
Total: $2172 + tax($174)
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Well it's been posted for 3 days and TG hasn't determined it to be spam or advertising, so here goes.
Daily lunches ?? that's not a write off unless it is a perk to the delivery guys, and only if they deliver during lunch.
You have ideal situations factored in, rain, moderate temperatures, no wind, no hurricanes, no tornadoes. One good 45 MPH wind gust and your $2172, plus lunches is out the window (no pun intended). The bottom line figure is for all 5 buildings??? Sounds awfully light. How much labor, I mean real time labor will be involved. Even as DIY'ers their time is worth something. Wife asks me to grow bush beans. I spend 5 hours prepping the ground, weeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, and come up with a bushel of beans. Great, huh? Well I just spent $225 for a bushel of beans. I have finally talked her into going to our local fresh air farmer's market. Stuff is fresh, and cost's less.
How much labor time is figured in on the buildings?
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Just saw this. OP looks ok.
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hah thanks, not sure what OP stands for but I'll take it

My idea is to make no-code sheds out of bent shed siding to make an arch that is screwed at the bottom to a 4x4 treated 10x20 foundation with cement inside (Or should I do wood ontop of cement?). I have an abundant supply of Cedar, not sure on lengths.

This in a sense will be a metal shell on top a moisture resilient rock wool cocoon with a air tight greenhouse on the inside that gets filtered with wall filters.

My biggest concerns are leaks or cracks on the bottom for bacteria and slugs to get in. the moisture
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I am not to concerned with labor time, I have plenty of free time to work on whatever takes priority. there's a lot of people getting involved too.
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Russell, OP stands for Original Poster. Nothing nefarious. I understand what you are doing and the metal is a good material. But for $695, delivered and set up, I have a carport with metal support and metal roof. For another $300 I could bring the metal down the sides and close in the ends, putting a door at one end or both. Carport is 12 x 20. Just trying to get a grasp as to the complexity of what you are attempting. It seems it can be done cheaper.
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What is proposed looks like swimming upstream and is totally different than most methods that require absolutely uniform temperature and control over constant humidity. Normally, if caves are not available, they are built to use the natural materials to create the right environment for best growth. It could work for a limited hobby arrangement, but for a business.

The larger operations must have provisions for the handling of the large amounts of growing medium required to be handled and possibly recycled. since growing mushrooms depends on constant conditions, lightweight structure may work for a limited crop or two of low smaller value mushrooms and not better varieties.

Because we had a good friend that commercially grew mushrooms, we got some "mushroom farms" for that we gave away for Christmas, but the results were poor even when great efforts were used to have proper growing conditions and for subsequent crops of different varieties.

Growing from seeds in the ground is not like producing fungi from spores, so it takes a lot of trial and error.


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