... (Lifes Career Choices)


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Question ... (Lifes Career Choices)

So I found myself asking, what kind of forums I wanted to join. What is something that I am passionate about and love doing? Besides my wife, the only answer I could come up with was remodeling, and woodworking. I am only 25 years old, and used to do many many things. Now it seems when I'm not away at work, I am finding something to change or remodel at home. How should I feel about all of this?
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It is a illness we all have. Welcome!
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Words Of Wisdom.

Hello dehj309. Welcome to the DoItYourself Web Site.

I do not see your situation as a dilemma. More of an opportunity discovered early in life. Figuring out at an early age what one wants to do with their life's career is something not everyone one of us is aware of at your age. The real question to ask yourself is whatever you are presently doing for work to earn a living what you want to do for the rest of your life?

If the answer is no to the question above, then follow your dream. If you enjoy doing wood working and carpentry, then do that. It's far better to do what you like each workday, then to have to go to work each day not doing what you like to do and that which provides daily pleasure and satisfaction. Getting up each day to go to a job or going to work is far more enjoyable when you enjoy what you're doing then not enjoying it. Makes getting up each morning and looking forward to the day much easier.

At your present age it isn't really all that uncommon not to know what one wants to do for a career their entire life. Some never discover it. While others discover what they want to do for the rest of their life much later in life. Still others change careers during their life's by choice or forced into doing so out of no choice of their own. Career changes in this era is not all that uncommon. Unlike those of of your parents and grand parents whom often stayed at one job or in one career for their entire lives.

The present world is dynamic place and ever changing. Be prepared to rediscover yourself several times over your entire life span. Start out by doing what you like to do each day and that which brings you the most self satisfaction. Not what earns you the most money but you do not like to do each day. Self satisfaction is worth a lot more then most ever know.

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