Jobsite calamity


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Jobsite calamity

Not like Wayne, at least no one got hurt.
Went to do an estimate for tiling a shower and bathroom floor. No problem....except the plumbing wasn't in. It was a 1947 log home "ante" room that he was turning into a bedroom and master bath. He had a guy (carpenter is the furthest word from my mind) to install floor joists and subflooring and stud up a few walls. Floor felt squishy so I told the owner I'd have to check the joists, etc and possibly add subflooring thickness.
Well about that time the electrician had emerged from a hole in the floor to the crawlspace and asked why there were 5 hydraulic jacks holding the house up
THAT's why the floor was squishy...combined with 2x8's spanning 12+'. Owner just looked at me and said, "can you fix it?"
So we've been on a project for 3 weeks, building piers, reinstalling subflooring, insulating walls, sheetrocking.....I don't know when I'll get to the shower tiling.
Plumbers finished Friday, so we can line and cbu the shower, now.
Original guy had already collected nearly $10k for the "work" he had done. I haven't caught my breath on that one yet. Sheriff came by one day last week and served the owner with a lawsuit from this guy for breach of contract
I've already told the owner not to tell me his name for fear of things that may happen to him. This is untenable!
What's with these guys???
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When they show these on Mike's make it right program people don't realize how common junk work really is. When my daughter was shopping for a nice little house, it was house after house that had major issues. The sad part, every one of them sold to someone.

They talk about America's infrastructure that needs a lot of work. Add to that the homes people live in. If every home in America had to be brought up to code, the labor force out there would be busy for the next 50 years.

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Since we're trading stories.... LOL

A friend of mine moves houses for a living. He's got a crew of about 6 guys that help him. They are pretty good at what they do. Well, he tells me this story that I could hardly believe:

Some guy calls him up out of the blue this week and is in PANIC MODE. "You've got to come help me right NOW!" he says. "My house is going to fall over!!!"

So he goes out to take a look and here's what he finds. Another carpenter (again, using that term loosely) has new foundation walls built out of 2x6's on 2 sides of this large 2 story house (this is the walkout basement side, apparently. For some reason he did not think to put sheathing on these walls to keep them square. Wait, there is more.

The "carpenter" then goes to underpin some of the cement foundation, and he digs a large amount of dirt out from under the 3rd wall, which from the sounds of it was a poured cement wall.

Well, the house is now like a deck of cards waiting for the wind to come up and blow it down. At some point, the undermined foundation gave way under the weight, dropping the house about a foot. The walls with no sheathing started to rack, and the house was approaching the tipping point. Apparently the only thing that kept it from going over was the farmer who pushed his tractor and loader bucket up against one side of the house to help brace it.

YIKES! I told my friend that he was nuts for even getting underneath that house! He told me that he'd never seen anyone so deathly white as the owner of that house when he arrived to help him out of the bind they had created.
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And these guys reproduce!!

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