DIY Slip n Slide? need opinions not sure where to post


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DIY Slip n Slide? need opinions not sure where to post

Ok so i want to make a slip n slide this weekend for my daughter and i.

this is what I'm thinking-

-roughly 20x6 feet
-4 pool noodles on each side held with velcro
-tent stakes
-baby soap

i was thinking about making a sprinkler out of pvc to run down the sides but il figure that out later on.

My question is what type of plastic to get. i don't want to spend a fortune but i don't want it to tear either. if anyone can suggest some that would be great. Were in fl so id prefer it to not be black as that would be really hot.

also anyone ideas on construction, are the noodles necessary or just over kill?
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Just a couple of thoughts. Use a heavy mil vinyl for the slide so it doesn't bunch up or tear.
Anything that could be a potential danger will be - so skip the tent pegs - someone will surely fall on or get caught on one.
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The store-bought one my daughter has uses tent-type stakes but they fit flush to the ground, nothing sticks up where a kid could trip over or fall on it.

Honestly, these are cheap enough I'd just buy one.
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WOW! That looks like fun!

IMO, after watching the video that Pilot posted, I would stake the noodles down to the ground with stakes. Then cover them with duct tape so they would not come out or poke anybody. Then you could do the carpet thing like they did or maybe just try some heavy mil plastic.
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Now THAT'S a slip & slide!
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Yea, the first video does a good job showing how they built it. I included the second one for fun.

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