Need some help with a project idea


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Need some help with a project idea


I posted about this on a different forum and did not get much response. I realized the post was not well composed and presented a problem that was not well defined. I've dumbed down some of the details here so while this may sound rediculous the application will be somewhat different. It's a thought problem.

Concept: Build a device that effectively eliminates a nasty smell due to organic compounds aerosolized with steam from an open pot of boiling water.

Assumptions: Boiling takes place inside on the kitchen stove. Due to the desired chemical reactions you cannot place a lid on the boiling containter of liquid or otherwise put it under abnormal pressure.
Idea 1: My first thought was to take a fan and mount it several inches above the vessel of boiling liquid. In-line with the fan would be an activated charcoal filter which would work in capturing the organic compounds that create the smell
Problem 1: Activated carbon is a dessicant and will absorb the water thereby reducing its effective life
Solution 1: Dry the air before passing it through the charcoal filter
Problem 2: In a low pressure environment many air dryers are not effective. Based on previous feedback this approach is rife with additional problems
It would seem like an easy problem to solve but I'm at a standstill. Retrofitting the range hood exhaust system would be an option, however the idea is to make something portable that I could use in a kitchen or in a garage, for example.

The system would be used in intervals of around 1 hour.
The steam produced in an hour equals:
337.7 cubic feet
14,495 BTU,
4.24 KWh

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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How about a box fan in the window blowing out along with another open window in the house to replace the exhausted air?
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Whatcha' cookin'? It seems like it would be a lot less trouble to just do it outside.
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Are you trying to avoid the DEA? If so that is outside the scope of the forum and a rules violation.
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No, Ray, it is exam time at school...dontcha know?! ChexMix, welcome to the forums. We gotta know more than you are giving us. What is the organic compound? Is it toxic in it's basic form prior to boiling?

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