gov't rant


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gov't rant

Got some mail today, one letter was addressed to 'occupant' basically it said if you qualify for food stamps or medicaid, the gov't will give you a free cell phone. While I might not necessarily agree how the food stamp and other programs are run - I do believe they preform a necessary function...... but when does having a cell phone become a necessity? I can see helping a poor old widow with her phone bill but giving everyone on food stamps a free phone

Didn't the idiots in D.C. spend enough time figuring out how we can go more than 14 trillion in debt

I also got a letter from medicare stating they decided not to pay for the colonoscopy I had back in feb..... I guess it cut into their free phone budget
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There are cell phone plans that are actually lower cost than land-lines. Plus, there are homeless people, that do qualify for food stamps and some other "welfare" programs that would have no telephone service without this plan. Since the coin-op pay phones are being phased out, party due to the war on drugs, without the subsidized cell phone plans these people would have NO means of even answering a phone call offering them a job.
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The cost for these services come from fees levied on the phone company. Fees which are of course passed on to the customers. Ironically perhaps it was these fees that caused me to drop my land line and go with this service. I was on metered phone service. Charge before taxes and fees $10, actual cost with fees and taxes was $20/month. Since I had been paying these fees for years and was eligible because of the pittance Social Security pays me I went ahead and signed up.

I see it like SS. My money went in this pot for years while I worked my butt off in jobs I hated for minimum wage so now it is time to get a bit back.

P.S. Nope, not on food stamps.
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Right you are, Ray. I'm not on food stamps or any subsidized programs yet nor Social Security (next year if they don't pull it from me) but I have paid into these programs for most of my adult life. I have a (non subsidized) cell plan that is about $25 a month with all taxes and fees included and my last land-line was about $35 a month. I've had the cell plan for over a decade and it suits me well.

Now if only I could get a subsidized Internet plan.
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Originally Posted by Furd View Post
Now if only I could get a subsidized Internet plan.
Just wait, I'm sure its coming. I can see Internet becoming a "right".

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