Skilled Worker Shortage?


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Skilled Worker Shortage?

You may have seen this when Mike spoke, but I didn't and though it was good. I certainly did not expect to read that we have a skilled labor shortage in this country which is constantly complaining about unemployment. Mike Rowe Senate testimony:
Mike Rowe Senate Testimony : Dirty Jobs : Discovery Channel

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Odd, I keep hearing construction unemployment is about 30%. I know I'm not busy. This pretty much is what I experienced in High school:

In high schools, the vocational arts have all but vanished. We've elevated the importance of "higher education" to such a lofty perch that all other forms of knowledge are now labeled "alternative." Millions of parents and kids see apprenticeships and on-the-job-training opportunities as "vocational consolation prizes," best suited for those not cut out for a four-year degree. And still, we talk about millions of "shovel ready" jobs for a society that doesn't encourage people to pick up a shovel.
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I think the key word here is "skilled". I can find help on the side of the road ready to work, anyday. Finding a replacement for a key person has proven to be a bear! My ace helper moved to Durham, NC a week ago or so. Closer to her parents, you know. I had brought him along to where he was "primary" on the jobsite. I could leave him in charge and go do estimates, pick up materials, etc., ensured the job would be done to perfection. All I can find now is people who own hammers .
I think Scott's comments regarding our "higher learning" mindset will prove to be a demise of work ethics in general. Get your hands dirty???!!!
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I agree with Larry! I think skilled and motivated workers have been in short supply for a long time. When I ran my business I could always find help wanting to be hired but someone that knew how to paint and was willing to work was almost impossible to find. One of the best painters I ever hired would not work if I wasn't on the job. I left one day to finish up another job and when I came back he was still on the same wall..... working hard, just like he was when I left. He didn't last long
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Far too many people today are afraid of hard physical work. My first career was as a stationary engineer. It was often physically hard, definitely dirty and the hours lousy but it did have both decent pay and enough job opportunities that one would never be unemployed. Today many such jobs have trouble hiring because the applicants want a "desk" job, nine-to-five, Monday through Friday. Some operating jobs pay into the six figures but they all have lousy hours and so they are shunned.

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