Green programs


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Green programs

This doesn't fit in the green forum, nor in the house forum, but better for general discussion, IMO. If not, move it.
In the news today, Our federal government went to Seattle, a nice green city, and in 16 months weatherized homes.....3 of them. Hired people.....14 of them mostly in administrative jobs. Spent over $20M. Only in America!

Seattle Green Jobs Program Gets $20M, Creates 14 Posts |
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There used to be a joke printed up and hanging on the wall of our local pharmacy. The best I can remember it went something like this;

The gov't had a salvage yard and was concerned that it was wide open and someone could just drive in and get whatever they wanted so - they hired a security guard... but then they needed a billing dept.... then some concerned congressmen thought an oversight committee was needed..... well that brought more attention to the program so an audit was made. Turns out the whole deal was 20k over budget so they let the security guard go.

The only thing that would surprise me in gov't and politics would be if they were to do something efficiently.
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I didn't read the link from Fox news (maybe later) but here is a link to our local television station's report on the program. Be sure to read a few of the reader's comments at the end.

Seattle's 'green jobs' program a bust | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

And for good measure, here is a story about 'greenest building in the world'
The center will collect and store rainwater to be used throughout the building. All electricity used in the building will come from an array of 500 solar panels, and it will be built without using any "red list" materials. According to the foundation, "red list" materials include PVC, cadmium, lead, mercury and hormone-mimicking substances.

Crews to break ground on 'greenest building in the world' | Environment | Capitol Hill News
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Yeah, Furd, same article base. Kicker was, the going pay rate for insulation installers runs about $12 an hour. The government mandate was that with this money, the contractors had to pay $21 per hour, plus full benefits and retirement. As a contractor, what do you do? You can't raise the pay of one sector by itself, plus bennies. I guess it is a way of boosting the econonmy, huh? Everyone gets a raise, but the contractors can't take in any more money than the local economy will allow. I think the government should keep clear of the free enterprise system and stick to their give away programs. They seem to do that best.
Liked the article on the green building. Hey, we can do it, given time and money

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