Bill collectors


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Bill collectors

Does any body know how to stop bill collectors from calling your house. I am getting calls for about fifteen different people. Last year, it got so bad, I had my number changed. But that didn't work very well, if anything, I think I get even more calls now. I have tried talking to the collectors, but most have heard ever story there is by now. This one collector called just about ever day, I gave him my name and address, and told him to look it up, to see what number he got, he still calls looking for this person. And what really gets me, is some of these calls come from the same collector, looking for different people. Seems like something would click, I just dialed this number looking for some one else.
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So none of these calls are for you, they're all looking for others?
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Unfortunately...the few times I've ever been was because I owed For your answer I found was here...
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I assume you are not the one they are looking for . I'm a PITA and would have forwarded that number to my lawyer long ago. Even legitimate collection calls cannot harass people, like calling at 2 in the morning. The difficulty is convincing them you are not their target and legal action seems to have that effect.

Another approach would be blocking those incoming numbers. If they elect to block their incoming number, which may be illegal, then block all incoming calls that do not identify the incoming number. Each time you receive an incoming collection call just add them to your blocked list.

The other possibility is, those are not real collection calls, but fishing calls hoping to find someone stupid enough to send them a check just to get them to go away. Talk to the fraud protection people to get them to talk to these people. They can record all incoming numbers for a period of time and then get the ID from the phone co to know who is calling.

Let us know what happens.

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Ask them to spell their complete name and business for you so you get it right on the FCC complaint you're going to file.

I was thinking along the fishing angle, too, like Bud.

I was reading an article not too long ago about a scam going around where the scumbags contact people who are behind on house payments or filing bankruptcy, something like that, then they tell them they can refinance their mortgage at a lower rate all they have to do is send money to blah blah blah. Not sure about the details, but you get the idea.
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Pfishing. But who's counting? I get them, too, and they are looking for me, but I don't owe anyone. There is a company out west who gets your name and number and insists that you pay your bill over the phone. I think they have been caught, because it hasn't happened in a long time. If the caller ID says "Toll free service" or "RLP", or "out of area", it goes to answering machine.
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The one person I am trying to track down. I believe they have done this on purpose, because I get calls from school about her kids, doctor appointments, drug store reminders to pick things up, and other messaged. I don't answer the phone any more, I just let the answering machine do it. And some times they will fill it up. The thing that gets me, they seem to all call at once, just about one after another. But I am going to look into that sight more that gunguy45 sent me.

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