getting volunteers to contribute and attend meetings


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getting volunteers to contribute and attend meetings

greetings, I belong to my local CERT group , for those of you who don't know CERT is Community Emergency Response Team, lost of info about CERT can be found here :CERT : Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

it is very exciting and rewarding, my question, being this is one of the first volunteer type organizations I belong to and have taken a leadership role in, how do you keep membership active....currently we have about 400 members but only 60 or so that are active and participate in monthly meetings, the meetings are broken up into 4 different areas of the county , held on different days of the weeks and different times of the days so that all can attend. We offer many current training opportunities to keep the members interested, yet attendance is down. We are currently trying new ways to recruit membership, having a booth at a local fair next month , however the county only offers training about twice a year and it's limited to about 40 people each training session.

I am in my mid 40's and found myself unemployed for the last year, I live in an area where there are not many jobs, however I have been blessed that my wife has a good job and I can afford to give something back , by volunteering my time right now. Most of the members in this area are of retirement age, most do not work, so I ask for suggestions how to keep these members active and increase the total number of members to include younger folks who will want to participate.

Thank you for you time and please look into joining a CERT group in your community
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I think it is great that you are affiliated with such a group. How do you keep membership? Give them something to DO, not just something to read between meetings. It instills in them the urgency that they must accomplish something, and often retired persons want that responsiblity rather than just attending meetings. You could make it a team effort for those members who are located fairly close to each other.
I may be out in left field, but in all my years of management at the airport, the people who I supervised WANTED something to do, not just a general "here's your job" description. Giving them specific duties gave them a responsibility they didn't have otherwise, and was different from everyone else.
Good luck with your endeavors with the group.
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I agree...though I am not a member...we have a group here in my small town. They don't just do meetings, training, and such...but actual drills. Of course they do some advance warning and don't schedule it for times/days that would seriously impact family activities or anything. They set up emergency communications centers, triage and treatment centers, search and rescue operations, etc. Since it's a pretty rugged area...most have 4wd vehicles, are outdoorsman, and many are retired military. These are people that know their own family and homes will be OK if they are called out.
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we do have Drills , however they are currently Table Top drills, since we are sponsored by the Sheriff's office and the county is worried about liability.
Everyone would love to have a half an aircraft fuselage on its side and a small fire to put out , victims to remove and triage etc, but that is just not possible.

as for homework, yea right good luck with that, most of these older folks have issues with sign in sheets and simple forms, just getting people to divulge a current working e-mail is a choir and getting them to check it daily for updates on meetings, events and training , isn't gonna happen

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