Anybody feel as I do?


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Question Anybody feel as I do?

I visit this sit and about six others, like it, several time a day. I really enjoy the excellent advise that is given and I hope I have somehow helped others with my post.
It is sad that I will never know. Very few times that I have seen an update on the solution to the problem. People ask questions and you never hear from them again. Wouldn't it be nice if they posted the correct answer to their problems
I do not consider myself to be an expert on anything but I love to learn and to help others. How are we supposed to learn without an answer
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Giles, you are preaching to the choir. Many times I have spent a fair amount of time in answering someones questions and they never responded. Sometimes I think I will just stop posting but I never do.
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Always nice to know you helped someone
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Ya, it makes you wonder - did they come back and read your suggestions. Maybe some of the 1st time posters forgot where they asked their questions and never returned or maybe they took the answer, fixed their problem and forgot to say thanks.

While it is nice to hear back from folks on how you helped [or didn't] with their problem, not all will do so..... but some do, and that's enough for me
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Mostly with first time posters but I have on occasion given a lengthy detailed answer only to find that they have never logged back into the site.

Could be that we weren't fast enough or they found the answer on their next click.
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With today's internet I consider any return response to be a success. I like to start first time posters off with a welcome, a bit of info, and then a question or two. That hopefully gets them to respond and starts the Q&A.

If you post an answer and they never thank you or tell you what the solution was, just put that in your win column as you must have done a good job . Volunteering yourself here or at the soup kitchen has its own reward.

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At least I am not alone--Thanks for all your responses
YOU SEE---- I Posted Back
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On this same line, I have been having bluetooth problems connecting to my Atrix 4G phone. Long story. I have visited Motorola, Atrix, and two Android forums to try and find out what is going on. I may not get an answer, but I always return to all the sites I visit and thank the ones who do give answers. I guess that comes with Giles' admonition that we should be thankful for all the help we get, and thankful, too, for all the help we are able to give.
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Even if the OP doesn't acknowledge the response, lots of threads get read by others looking for solutions to the same or similar problem so your posts probably get a lot of silent "thank you's".
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Ya, I've read more than once where a new member just added thanks to an existing thread because it answered their question

Besides where else could we go and help someone with their project and not even break a sweat

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