"What happens in Vegas -


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"What happens in Vegas -

stays in Vegas" - We've all heard that tease. Well I figured out what it means. At least the last part. Your money is what stays in Vegas.
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Yeah...the left out part of the saying in the ads...the full version is "What happens (to be in your pocket, bank account, or credit card limit while) in Vegas....stays in Vegas".

Forgot you mentioned you were coming out my way. Did you go big and fancy...or cheap and easy? When we go to a NASCAR race or my wife runs a 1/2 marathon or 10k up there, we always stay at the AFB. $39 for a fully equipped room, vs about $75 for just a bed and bathroom. Did you get down to Fremont St or just the strip? I could have given you a darn good German restaurant to go to. Sorry I didn't remember.
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We went fancy. It was our first - and probably only trip there. We stayed at the Venetian in a high floor suite with a view of the strip. The view alone was an extra $40 a night. Unfortunately the bright lights kept us awake so we had to close the curtains on our expensive view.
Actually, we enjoyed our visit. We're not gamblers (I ended up +$50 and my wife broke even) so we spent our money mostly on shows and of course shopping. I didn't get anything for myself, (there aren't any "real men" stores around the casinos), but my wife more than made up for it.
I can highly recommend "Jersey Boys" and Cirque du Soliel "O" to anyone planning a visit.

BTW - I hear you regarding on base accomodations. We're headed to Spain in a couple of months. We have reservations at a military hotel for $75 a night.
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Yer such a fancy pants! Yeah...the Venetian is pretty amazing even just to visit. Wifey took her sister to the Beatles show by Cirque for her b-day and I swear she still talks about it 4 yrs later. I'm not much for stage shows or musicals.

We were going to try to see Terry Fator earlier this year...but even with cheap tickets and staying at the base, it would have run over $300 for basically just one night. $40 less if we drove up and back afterwards. Last year she won free tickets to Kathy Griffin...pretty good seats too. She was OK..but I wouldn't pay $50 to see her. $6 beers? Jeez....
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Originally Posted by Wayne Mitchell View Post
Your money is what stays in Vegas.
I worked with a trim carpenter 25-30 yrs that went to Vegas every year on vacation. He loved it but always came home broke. One year he came back and stated he was selling his house and moving to Las Vegas. I tried to remind him about all the money he lost there every year. He claimed if he lived there and could gamble every day - he wouldn't want to. Well, long story short - he came back less than a year later looking for a trailer park that had a MH he could afford to rent.
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Ya, one of our poker group headed out there a few years back, figured he could get a job as a dealer and get rich gambling. About a year and he had run out of money and was living at the "Y" or something similar. Eventually came back but never really recovered.

Stardust, Golden Nugget, you can tell its been a while.

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Reno, Tahoe, Vegas, Atlantic City...I have never had the slightest interest in any of those places. In my neck of the woods we have Indian (Native American) casinos and I've never set foot in one.
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Luckily Golden Nugget is still around though I miss the old, plain rectangular pool. Just the essentials; pool, lounger & bar. No water slide and no kids running around screaming.

I don't know what the board at Boyd was smoking when they decided to level the Stardust in the midst of a condo glut in The Strip area. It was like a slow motion train wreck most could see coming a mile ahead yet they plowed ahead with Echelon. Underfunded and five years too late but I don't think anyone will really miss Westward Ho.

Now McHarrah's has a hold of Barbary Coast (Bill's)

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