Does this make since


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Does this make since

Does this make since, or am I looking at this all wrong. My father in-law is blind, and they have a cat, which I believe isn't the brightest cat in the world. This cat will lay in the middle of the floor, or door way, or where ever stretched right out. I don't know how many times my father in-0law has stepped or tripped over this cat. This is the part that makes no since to me. My mother in-law decides to put a bell on the cat, which is suppose to keep my father in-law from stepping on it. Should she has put the bell on my father in-law instead. I have heard of people putting a bell on a outdoor cat, so they can't catch birds. But on a indoor, so they don't get stepped on, the bell doesn't ring if they are sleeping.
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Sense, my friend, not since.

Putting a bell on a cat, no matter if it is an outdoors cat or an indoors cat, is pretty much an exercise in futility as the cat will very quickly learn how to move without ringing the bell. The cat can sense when someone is walking towards him so the bell on the human isn't necessary. If he gets stepped on it is because he is "playing chicken", not because he doesn't know your father-in-law is about to step on him.
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Perhaps he could use a cane/stick to thump in front of his path. I bet that cat would learn real fast that if that stick was coming his way, he needs to move.
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I am practicing admirable restraint here -
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I think lying wherever they want is normal cat behavior. They think they rule the world (we can thank they ancient Egyptians for not nipping that in the bud). If the cat gets stepped on a few times it may learn to stay out of the way. If it doesn't than you are correct that the cat is stupid and I don't know what you do since the cat needs to somehow learn to get out of the way and/or stop lying down in the traffic lanes of the house.

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