Which method is best?


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Which method is best?

Just curious what you think.....

At least a couple times a week, I need to carry a couple hundred lbs and often over a thousand pounds of melamine from my trailer and then upstairs to do a job. I generally average about 60 lbs per trip but sometimes up to 80 lbs. Some pieces are 8 feet long (only 14 inches wide) so they take some "core" strenght to manouvre them around staircases etc. Big jobs can take over an hour to carry it all up. New construction sites in the summer are tough because builders won't turn on the AC.

I'm old (55) and am getting pooped faster so I'm trying to decide if its better to make a lot of trips with smaller loads or less trips with heavier. I've tried both but not sure yet.

So far I think its better to make a bunch of small trips.
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You're young, but gaining . Personally, I'd hire help to do the heavy work and toting. Save your strength, knees, rotator cuffs, etc. for later on. You'll need them. But if you gotta do it yourself, lighter loads, more trips......or a crane.
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I'd vote for more trips, it's harder on the legs/hips but easier on the back.

Growing old ain't for sissies..... I've never considered myself a wimp but
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I'm also a more trips guy. Not only easier but you're less likely to injure that "old" back.
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I agree with the others, especially when it comes to hiring someone to do the heavy moving. You may think that you can't afford it now but trust me, the cost for a helper is minimal when compared to the cost for medical care.
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I vote for more trips. Less chance of injury carrying a heavy load and the extra leg work falls into the exercise category.
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I agree on the smaller loads/more trips. I tried carrying 110lb boxes upstairs to save a trip but they tucker me out and wall damage can occur.

Tough time hiring someone. I want a young person that can haul and morph into a full time installer. They are either in school or have full time jobs. I posted adds offering 30 hours per week and $16/hour to start. Two applicants and one was 62. I'll just keep on trucking and be sooooo thankful when I get a bungalow or basement!!!! LIfe is so good then.
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More lighter trips or subcontract, not that I've added anything new....

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