The Marvel of Children


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The Marvel of Children

Funny how some children see thing we don't
Back in the Summer, my 5 year old granddaughter walked over to my home and asked if I could fix her swimming pool?
I stopped what I was doing and went with her to check on the problem. The small 4' diameter plastic pool had a couple of large cracks and a small piece missing.
I went into my daughter's home and asked if she had an empty milk carton to use for the repair.
She emptied a carton and my granddaughter and I went back out to make the repair using some plastic glue.
My granddaughter asked why we couldn't use some of that "grey tape"
I went to my garage and the pool was repaired instantly with Duct Tape
It was well worth the hug and kiss she gave me
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I think the best part of this is how she has easy access to grampa and sought you out with a problem. My daughter spends a lot of time with my parents in an attempt to create the same situation.
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Ah yes, grand-daughters. Here's mine a couple years ago. She is a holy terror now.
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Ahhhh Giles, she sounds like the next generation of DIY members.
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And it sounds like she is a good problem solver!

Funny vid Baldwin!
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They are indeed intuitive! We were in Charleston last weekend and all 6 grandkids were there (even the ones from Denver). Nice wx so I was wearing shorts. Since I have had both knees replaced (and the left one done by a monkey with a chainsaw), the scar isn't exemplary. My youngest pounced into the room and told me "that scar is too tight", which left me dumbfounded to think she could care about such things. But they do, believe me.
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I like how the Bible compares children to arrows in the quiver of a warrior. (Ps 127:4,5)

Just like an arrow, they need skillful direction (from their parents and grandparents) to hit the "target".
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Kids Say The Darndest Things was a great show. Now we have Dancing With The Stars. Geezz.
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This grand daughter was the first of eight--she is now 16, and still remembers many things we did together. Sometime she laughs and says "almost anything can be fixed with duct tape, glue or wire With all my grand children, I am never too busy to pay attention to them---something that I wasn't always able to do with my three children
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I know what you mean. When our kids were young we were too busy tiring to eek out a living.... but now we get to do some of the things we missed doing with our kids. I can see all the things that our grandson's parents do wrong but if I think about - is it much different than what we did?

One of the best things about grandkids - when we get tired, it's usually time for them to go home!

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