Fuel price disparity


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Fuel price disparity

Don't know if this is regional or widespread, but what is up with the price of diesel lately? I don't use it, thankfully, but my best tow buddy is going nuts over it. The rub is that regular gas has dropped to around $3.20/gal, but diesel is now 55-60c higher where the split used to be more like 25c. I told him it was probably because the diesel was affected by home heating oil demand.
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I imagine you hit the nail on the head. Heck, I've seen here that people can use it if they run out of fuel oil.

Just checked my normal station....$3.25 reg, $3.86 diesel.

Hey....why isn't it pronounced "dyesel"? Die-sel?
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We usually go to Myrtle Beach once or twice a year and up to Michigan once a year. I've noticed in some counties the gas is a lot cheaper than elsewhere - year in year out. Even though there might be a 10-20 cent difference in gas prices, it seems like diesel prices are fairly constant only varying a few cents. I've wondered if diesel fuel prices are regulated by the feds.

I filled my jeep up last week for $3.04 per gallon and then drove over into Va and found it for $2.97. I hope gas prices continue to drop
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Its probably supply and demand based on the different blends of diesel fuel. Summer blend/winter blend. At least that is probably how they justify raping people at the pump.
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I think there are a few things that are driving the price. First there is suppose to be a difference in winter and summer blend. And it seems every time there is a big Holiday coming, the price goes up.
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Well I use it (or it uses me, not sure). Went to Charleston last week, found gas at $2.97, but diesel was at the same price I pay here, $3.89. Diesel was originally a waste product, but they treat it like gold, now. I remember back in the 60's and 70's, truckers would almost go on strike if diesel prices went up more than a dime in a reasonable time. Nowadays, I guess they can pass it on to the consumer, and not worry about it. Diesel, without a doubt, is my largest expense, except for my helpers. I cringe when I hear the ding ding and see the ominous fuel tank icon on my dashboard.
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$3.19 and $4.15 up here today. Seems this summer is was about equal. Darned if I know.
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chandler, isn't it amazing how things we use to through away, no cost so much. Like antifreeze it was a waste product from mining, and now we pay a arm and leg for it. I guess that is where the saying, one mans trash, is another mans treasure, comes from.
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How is antifreeze a waste product from mining?

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