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Exclamation My RANT for the day

I just got back from town. Since I don't get out very often, I was amazed/angry, at what price increases I found. Everything I have purchased lately, has almost doubled in price!!
I do ALL my Tractor-Auto-Home repair and service. Electrical "old work" boxes have almost doubled in price in one year. But the big disappointment was Electrical Romex wire!!--just a few years ago, I bought two 250 ft. rolls at a cost of app. $32.00--then the next I bought was $60.00, then, last year, a single roll cost $90.00. Today it was $126.00 !
I know we can all blame these price increases to Global Economy and China buying up all the copper they can!!
I think our government could control this, if they chose to!
Just wish I had the foresight to have bought several rolls, years ago!!
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I picked up a dozen rolls of 12-2 about 8 years ago for $28 a roll as I knew my kids were going to have some construction projects going. I've handed out most over the last few years, but wish I had grabbed more. Unfortunately, as you are saying, it's not just one thing and it is far from 5% inflation.

I may have to break down and put a lock on my shed considering everything that is out there.

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yeah. and guess what. its going to get a lot worse.
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Ummmm Bud...whats your address again? lol

Seriously...sometimes the way this stuff works is just crazy to me. About 8 yrs ago when I was working at HD, they changed suppliers or something and 10ft sticks of 3/4" and 1/2" copper pipe (remember when that shot up?) were marked down to something like $1 or so each. The regular plumbing supply houses all had it on back order.

I was down in the Tidewater area of VA and a guy came in from the Richmond area. He said his boss had sent him down to buy everything every store in the area had. I think he wound up getting something like 3000 pieces out of 10 stores or so.

Same thing happened with 14/2 Romex....not sure when the time line was, but we had guys come in and buy pallets at a time...probably 50-100 250 ft rolls per pallet...but they were only something like $15 each.
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Copper was down for a little while bit it is going back up. In '08 my friend was building a house and 250' 12-2 NM-b was $105 a roll. It was down for quite a while but I see it is going back up. Although, I have not seen the prices Giles has.
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Don't get me started on copper prices!
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Ugh! Tell me about it. Back in may I bought 2 fluorescent light fixtures and 6 bulbs. Today I bought the same exact thing and the fixtures were up 10$ each and the bulbs just about doubled in price.

Back in 2009 when the price of everything crashed, I picked up 14/2 for like $25 for a 250' roll. Wish I grabbed more.

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