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Mike, why do you water your shed???
My town has a strick fire code and I wanted to be in compliance just incase...LOL.

Its just how the pic looks actually.... Ha ha.

12x16 shed. Looks big but I should have got bigger. Its filled up already.

Deck I made with 12ft railroad ties. made a 12ft square and threw 3 more inside. Then laid 2x6 across. All treated. The town dont show anything like that so I figure it aint allowed.

Mike NJ
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Mike -

It seems the shed was built to the minimum legal standards for the municipality and not necessarily to what should be required. Often the two do not agree and someone has damages.

Railroad ties do not provide much resistance to hurricane winds, let alone tornadoes. I am glad I did not own a home near there since NJ has been known to have hurricane winds, but not as bad a Kansas where Dorothy and Toto lived adjacent to the Wizard of Oz. It is lucky they were not in Oklahoma recently.

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lawrosa; Hope your not close to the water. Here in NY, those railroad ties wouldn't cut it by the water, neither would your pressure treated.

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