Eastern bias?


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Eastern bias?

I only follow a few of the individual forums but it seems to me that there is a preponderance of posters, both questioner's and answerer's (is that a word?) that are either very close to, or east of the Mississippi River. Is this because we westerners are more adept at fixing our problems or less likely to share information or what?
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good question, i'll throw out some answers. Had to look it up, but the center of population is Just East of the Mississipi river in Misouri. Plus the fact that in the East, many older houses and buildings provide more challenges for remodeling due to age, materials, type of construction. You have to know quite a bit about remodeling older houses as to what can be spanned or added onto, etc. Altho I grew up in the East, but escaped to the West, if your Dad was a carpenter, you were expected to be one too. The best Framer and carpenter I know is from back there, and his Dad was a carpenter too. The newer houses out here are easier to work on, are able to do much more too. Before the big box stores became popular, I think more materials and methods were availible out west, plus new ideas such as drywall and finishes started west and moved East. Also, the area I live at here seems to have great pride in their houses and property. As I said, just my ideas, others may have more thoughts
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I think it's possibly because those who live in the flyover zone have been doing it themselves for so long..they can't imagine asking online. The responses from that area are people that just can't believe people pay for that kind of work.

East coasters are similar. West coast is a lot of younger and older folks who either don't know how...or no longer can. I seem to get the feeling that many West coast questions seem to be "Am I being ripped off?".
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Gee, I thought it was because us folks in the east were smarter
....... or at least better looking
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Mark....uhhh no....and....uhhh no...lol.
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I think a good part of it is simply where the people are. Most of the countries population is on the right side of the Mississippi.
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Maybe it's because the weather is nicer on the west coast so everyone is outside having fun while we are stuck in our homes. They probably get DIY advice like they did in the olden days; by talking face to face.
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I just chalked it up to all the rich people on the west coast paying someone else to do the DIY stuff.

And everybody east of the Mississippi is better looking than Vic, so that's a tough theory to try to prove one way or the other.
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Remember, too, migration to the left coast didn't happen for a couple of hundred years after the 1602 settlers landed on the right coast. Sort of like a backed up toilet. Then the gold rush. (FYI, gold was first discovered in Dahlonega, GA) Basically the main route was through the middle of the country, thus the slight clog in Missouri and the population increase. Once the left was opened, it was so sparse, the number of settlers couldn't fill it up. Land grants kept tight populations from happening, too (except San Francisco, and that' all I'm saying). More people, older homes, more DIY on the right coast was inevitable. Brant, y'all got running water out there, yet???
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Sure, whatever we catch from the downspouts- we just have to boil it. LOL

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