Can anyone explain this?


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Can anyone explain this?

Had to have some work done on the SUV. 2001 Mazda Tribute (Ford Escape wearing different clothes).

Why is my labor charge $10/hr more for an "import" when it's just a re-badged domestic product? I wasn't going to argue the point with the guy (they messed up before so I saved about $150 that time)....but maybe someone who deals with cars professionally could tell me?

I mean we're not talking Cavalier vs GT-R here....
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They probably heard about your recent promotion and figured you could afford it

I didn't know they had different rates for different vehicles, I'd have thought a shop would charge the same price across the board.
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It could be something as simple as the word " import " on the sign. I know it is far, but a simple word can change the out come of a bill. Just like going to a MD, or a specialist that does the same thing, but the bills are total different.
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I've never heard of a mechanic having two labor rates. How would you classify an import anyway? Just by brand? Foreign brands make cars in the US. Would those be imports? It's BS.

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