Wonder why 166 views, 0 replies?


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Wonder why 166 views, 0 replies?

Hi, I'm brand new, as of today, and I posted "Fan and Limit Control Headache" this morning. 166 views, no replies. Can someone help me understand how I may have done something wrong? Too long a post? Too much detail? Impossible problem? Sorry if I approached this forum in the wrong way! Can anyone help with this problem?
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You didn't do anything wrong except not leaving a double space between paragraphs. You need to break long posts down to smaller paragraphs with a double space to make them easier to read.

Now as to why you might have 166 views but no responses...this is a completely volunteer forum. No one gets paid anything other than the good feeling of helping someone in a jam. It could be that that 160 of those views were from someone looking for a solution rather than offering one. Maybe those that thought they had an answer for you decided that they were as much in the dark as you after reading your post.

Don't give up too easily, sometimes it might take a few days before someone with the expertise to answer your questions (in any of the various categories) responds. At this time of year the people that repair furnaces for a living are most likely working ten and twelve hour days and not checking in as often as they usually do.
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Welcome to the forums. If you check you will find you now have replies.
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Just to add a little to Furd's explanation, we have a LOT of guests who stop in to browse and can't post because they are not registered or as Furd mentioned often they are folks who have the same or similar problem looking for answers as well. Just did a "snapshot" and right now we have 3749 users online, 33 members and 3716 guests.
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I think when people see something that's too long, they automatically don't want to take the time to answer it. And there is also a lot of people that google something and they are directed to here, so it's a lot of non users.

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