Had to let you know....


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Had to let you know....

Wifey is down south right now running another race. I've bragged about her marathons and such....but this is just crazy.

She got a call from her gym coach on Wed about filling in on a team who was running a race. A 200 mile race!!!

6 people do a relay from Wickenburg to Tempe... 6 legs each, avg is about 6 miles per leg, some longer some shorter. It takes about 30 hrs or so. Every 4-5 hrs you get out and run. You run at night, you run in the morning, you run at noon.

One person on the team flew from NY just to participate...another drove from N CA. Old friends with the rest of the team....

I'm beginning to think she's joined some sort of fitness cult.
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I dont know much about running for fun, I usually run when something is after me that I dont want to bite me. It appears those runners with six legs will have the advantage, and those with the shorter legs should be handicapped a few miles.
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I usually run when something is after me that I dont want to bite me.
That might work ok when you're young but when you get a little age on you there are only two options - let em bite or turn around and shoot
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Hey, Vic, let her enjoy it. Runners are different breed. My son used to do it quite a bit, and ate and breathed running.
I get calls to do things at church sometimes like work audio at funerals or weddings, etc. Wifey always wants to know why I have to be the one to do all this work. I just tell her I enjoy it and tell her it is a far sight better than being in a topless bar drinking Southern Comfort till the wee hours, right????
Glad your wife is able to keep up her stamina and do the things she enjoys. I don't even DRIVE 200 miles, much less run it
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Update...her team, 4 guys and another woman (they were all about 6'2" with one giant who was at least 6'6" and the girl was prob 5'10"....my wife is 5'5") ran the 200.5 miles in about 32 hrs 44 min. They were one of 12 "Ultra" teams. (Ultras only have 6 members, regular teams have 12. There are even some that run with 3 or 4). Placed 10th of 12 in their class....but most of the other teams had real runners...hers were just mutual friends in pretty good shape. Can't tell the overall standing, the results haven't been posted in that format yet. The top team did it in under 24 hrs. There were something like 415 teams total.

She ran a total of about 36.5 miles at about an average 9:33/mile pace. Had a great time and will be back to training tomorrow, for her mini-triathalon in June.

Yeah...just me bragging....

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That's an average speed of 6 1/8 mph

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