Not like 40 years ago.


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Not like 40 years ago.

In the late 60's I flew through SF airport in uniform. Definitely not the same.
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Some things do get better with time
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That is very inspirational to be there.

I was on a flight from Atlanta to Gulfport, MS in 2006 to do some more Katrina damage recover inspections and sat next to a marine that was returning from the Middle East. As we got close the stewardess announced that he was on board and everyone got up and clapped and started to sing the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and the Battle Hymn of the Republic and other.

Being in the middle of that, with 80 - 100 people on the plane, without any coaching or leading and singing loudly in a plane was an inspiration that I will never forget. People were crying, including the marine.

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Capital "M" in Marine.

Times sure do change; once in SF back in the early 80's while in The City in uniform with a couple of other Marines [I was on recruiting duty in San Jose] one of the locals said "seig heil" as he walked past. Nevertheless, SF is one of my favorite cities.

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