Carrying DIY too far??


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Carrying DIY too far??

Is replacing the flints in disposable lighters going above and beyond?

I had 5 lighters that were still almost 1/2 full of butane...but the flints were gone. Bought a pack of flints for $.50. Turned out they were a bit too big in I drilled out the top 1/8" or so of the plastic housing. Put 'em back together and they work fine. Took about 2 min per...

Is this a little OCD?
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How much is a new lighter? I'm guessing you saved some money. That is one of the reasons that we DIY. #2 reason is you kept it out of the land fill. Have a cold one for a job well done!
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I need some help the other way. I have a couple of butane pocket torches, one a Weller Pyropen that cost a pretty penny. They use butane from the refill canisters for higher quality butane lighters BUT as I recall years ago those refill canisters had several adapter tips to make them fit various applications. I bought a refill canister but no adapters. I attempted to refill the Pyropen to no avail. I tried the other torch with the same results. Then I noticed the tip on the canister had lines as if a person was supposed to cut off the tip for different applications. I tried until I have almost no tip left and it STILL won't fill either torch.

There seems to be butane in the canister, at least it makes a sloshing noise if I shake it. I don't care so much for the cheaper torch as I think I paid less than ten dollars for it but the Pyropen was about $80.
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Geeez - Get a Zippo and chuck that disposable stuff. But to answer your question - yeah, that's a bit much. Too much time on your hands?

I quit smoking over 20 years ago but I've still got a half dozen Zippo's including a couple new ones still in the box. Nothing worked like a Zippo - until it ran out of gas .
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Wayne...I have some keeper Zippos (Navy stuff)...but I got thigh burned with those so many times when I flew (not an issue now) and the suckers are pretty darn heavy.

If I lose one of these I don't care, but it would be nice if they at least ran out of butane before flint.

And yeah...I did have some free time...but we're only talking 10 min.

Hey Furd...I know what you mean. They used to have a little ring of nozzles and you used the one you needed. Then they seem to have gone to a "universal" tip....which means it fits about 50% of whats out there.
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The last few times I bought cheapie disposable lighters (usually a three pack) they have had piezoelectric sparkers. The spark outlasts the fuel.
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I usually run out of fuel on the first strike.
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Vic, you really ought to quit smoking
I doubt there is one single thing you can do to improve your health more! I tell everyone that quitting is easy - after all I did it 50 times
Thankfully the last time took..... 21 yrs ago

I always carried a zippo, if they ran ought of fuel - paint thinner would work. Now I just keep a couple of disposable lighters on hand, don't ever remember one running out of flint. Don't know what happened to my zippos.
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"I have some keeper Zippos (Navy stuff)...but I got thigh burned with those so many times"

I used to have a Zippo for every ship I served on but somehow I managed to lose a couple. Shortly after I got married my wife noticed a bright red mark (a zippo burn) on the inside of my thigh. I had to do some serious 'splainin to convince her it wasn't a hickey.

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