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Travel Tech

After reading the GPS thread it occurred to me how dependent we(?) have become on tech goodies. We're packing for a 1 week trip and I'm amazed at the amount of tech crap we just couldn't live without. 2 people just gotta' have . . .

GPS, charge cable, mount
Cell phone, charge cable
Laptop, charger, mouse, wireless adapter
Kindle, charge cable
Kindle Fire, charge cable, ear buds
Camera, batt charger
I Pod, charge cable, ear buds
Multiport USB charger for all of the above
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I'm starting to think I need a GPS - the directions I've received from the last two internet map programs I used failed to get me to my destination.

In one of them, the directions literally said "if you get to Highway 10, you have gone too far." Well, I took that literally and turned around a couple times at Highway 10 before I pulled over and called the place where their recorded instructions said "cross Highway 10 and we're a half mile further on the left hand side."

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I would really like to get a GPS, I have traveled thousands of miles tasking the boy scouts here and there. So far I have been using google map on my lap top, and only been lost once, and that was just as mile or two.
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Although my list isn't as extensive as Waynes, my wife travels for her races and has about 4 of them.

Never thought I needed a GPS til I finally realized she can't read a map and tell me where I need to go when I'm driving.
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Last week was my first experience with a GPS and it was quite handy. I've never had trouble with maps but it's nice to not have to hunt for street signs and such. My youngest son said he went to a ball game in Nashville with some friends and their GPS told them every time the driver exceeded the speed limit ...... that's probably the kind my wife needs but she'd likely get mad and turn it off.
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Wayne, my wife bought me a Victorinox backback for Christmas a couple of years ago. Holds everything includes on your list (except kindle). Neat thing is the computer is held in a compartment that unsnaps from a velcro tab and lays flat on the scanner at the airport. I don't have to take it out. Also has gps locator tab inside it. Guess if I ever lose it someone in Sweden can find it for me.
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I finally realized she can't read a map and tell me where I need to go when I'm driving.
Wow. I know how you feel.

It took me awhile to realize my wife cannot navigate. She also does not take direction well. There was an "incident" that led me to refusing to ever navigate for her again. I also don't allow her to navigate for me either. On our honeymoon in Ireland, I was forced to have her navigate for me because things on the road were so much different that I couldn't so it myself. I brought a tiny hand held GPS that is meant for walking on trails. It helped a bit, but it wasn't something you could operate while driving. I had to pull over and use it. She would tell me where to turn only when the signs were obvious and I was having no trouble. When I needed help she had no idea how to read the map and try to figure things out. She also slept a lot in that passenger seat.

She has a Garmin unit now that she uses all the time. It is a great help when traveling. I still like to know how to get there before we go on the trip so I have general knowledge in my head. I also need to have it display north up all the time and have it so it looks like I am looking down at a map. That way I understand what direction I am traveling in and I can zoom out when I want to get a bird's eye view of where I am while driving.
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I'll deny saying this, but Vic's wife/map comment would seem to indicate she's related to my spousal unit.
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We got back yesterday from a week at Wally World. While there I figured out how to pare down the techno stuff to a minimum. We downloaded a GPS app for the cell phone and we're buying an IPad. That gets rid of everything except my Kindle that I refuse to part with.

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