Something ain't right (Cost For Child Daycare)


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Something ain't right (Cost For Child Daycare)

Last week a local TV station did a piece on the cost of day care in CT. Apparently it's one of the highest in the country. I asked my daughter how much she pays for my 4 y/o grandson's daycare. It's a whopping $12,500 for a 50 week year! In contrast, the tuition at the University of Connecticutt, a school consistently ranked in the top 20 public universities in the US, is $10,670.

I know most of the board members are old farts but is anyone else paying outrageous daycare?
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That's $250 a week or $50 a day. Sounds less than what my daycare charges. We put our daughter in daycare for two days a week at $140 per week. And that is negotiated down from their advertised price. We got a price on 5 days a week because my in-laws, who watch her the other 3 days, were on vacation. It worked out to just over $55 per day. We are trying to switch to another daycare which will cost us $107 a week, but they are full right now.

I don't know where the cuts offs are, but for babies and toddlers they need one "teacher" per 4 children. It can vary, but the "teachers" work roughly 8 hours per day. However, the kids are quite often there for 10 hours or more. Four kids per "teacher" gives you $200 per day per "teacher". That number has to pay for the salary, overhead, and profit.

It is a HUGE burden to have to pay. Having our in-laws watch our daughter is a major help for us.
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Creepers!! I'm glad mine are grown. Not sure what it is here, but if it is anything close, that's half a paycheck for someone on the average. I remember when my son was in daycare, the lady who owned the place did it all with a kazillion kids. Never a problem and kids were very well behaved. I apologized to her one day for him not being completely potty trained, as I was sure it added to her routine. Heck, she said he had been potty trained for months....he was just playing us
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All this talk about daycare costs makes me glad I am single. Kids are nice but expensive too!
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They have enacted quite a few laws about all of this. During the 80's when I was a kid in need of daycare, there was no one around. There must have been 2 dozen kids in the backyard barely supervised. We would be out there all day during the summer and were only given water twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon in tiny paper shot cups. I'll never forget tapping that little drop of water out of the bottom of the cup. Oh, did I mention this was one of my great aunts?

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