Some interesting pictures of house issues.


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Some interesting pictures of house issues.

Home Inspection Photo Gallery | Structure Tech Home Inspections
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Wow. Some of those have me speechless.
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Wow! Loved the panel with two white #12s wire nutted to a #8 red.
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And the two nutted wires looks as if they went to one screw of a breaker that already had a wire in it. One screw.....three wires. Wire nutting two 12's together.....does that give you a #6? maybe?
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Shocking but at the same time not surprised. Some folks seem to think anything can be fixed with a little tape or at least hide it so you're not reminded it needs fixing
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Who snuck into Central-Pennsylvania?

(Where I live)
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It kind of reminds me of a bad electric box job that was done with our electric box at our house by supposed professional electricians. The way the conduit was fixed it had allowed water to get in our breaker box, talk about a shocking situation. Luckily for us we had a much better electrician come to our house who was wiring up three way switches. I guess he saw something that looked bad and took the cover off and found there was water in the box. He said the box could have exploded so he saved our lives. It had been too long since the other electrician had been to our house so we couldn't do anything as far as a lawsuit was concerned.
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The attic insulation made me laugh. You would think the person with the ice dams would poke their head into the attic to just get an idea of where the water was coming in or something. That's what I do, even I don't know what I'm looking for or what to do if I find something.
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I am starting to under stand why, about the only thing I can do around here, is mow the lawn, and shovel snow, without a permit, and codes looking over my shoulder. It is people that do jobs like that, made me buy my own house. When I first got married, I rented a apartment. The land lord was so lazy, he couldn't even come to get the rent, I had to mail it to him. The girl upstairs, had trouble with her stove.She called the land lord, he never showed. She called the power company. They came looked at the stove, and red tagged it. The land lord sent one with no clue to fit it. About all he did was take the tag off. The next morning, she put a pot of water on the stove, went to the bathroom, came back the stove hadn't lite, turned the knob again, and it blow her out the kitchen window, and burned down the house. Three month later I had my own house. I can sleep at night now, and don't have to worry who is doing what.
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I sent the one regarding the 3 tab shingles to my Step son who owns a pretty sizable roofing company. I just commented "wonder if it leaks". He answered in his first email something about drip edge and tar paper. Then about a nano second later he responded with a what on earth were they thinking? type answer. He said, of course it leaks, all the seams are under each other. It was funny getting his response.
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This is a job for mike Holmes LOL Holmes inspection.
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OMG...cutting that steel beam must have been fun
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That electrical tape should have been used to seal the dryer vent with the wire in it.
Makes sense huh?
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Wow! Loved the panel with two white #12s wire nutted to a #8 red.
And in a FPE panel!

All I can say is, Thank you!

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